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Discover How To Improve Your Website Rankings In Google

Discover how to improve your search engine rankings with my little SEO tricks that I use to rank my sites for highly competitive keyword.


How To Improve Your Website Rankings

SEO is the most important part of a website without doing proper SEO to your site you are not going to rank on the first page of the search engines like Google.

Below I am going to share my tips that has helped my students to rank for any keyword they choose and my SEO tips are updated for the panda so don’t worry about any future panda updates cause this SEO tips won’t hurt your sites ranking.

Social Bookmarking: 

Social bookmarking is important because it helps you to index your post much faster and also you will get free back-links to your site.

Article Marketing: 

Article marketing is the another good and old seo methods that all the webmaster use to dominate the search engines. Through article marketing we can build highly optimized anchor text back-links which will look more worth it to Google eyes.
Forum Marketing: Forums marketing is a very effective way to create good back-links, through forums you can get free back-links by answering others question and this is recommend by serious internet marketers.

Social Networking: 

Social networking has changed a lot now it is possible to get thousands of visitor from one social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and many other. Google now gives value to social networking sites so a back-links fro this kind of sites will surely increase your search engine rankings.

Guest Posting: 

Guest posting back-links are also very valuable cause you can choose which keywords to link and what should be your anchor text and we must have heard that anchor text is very important in terms of building back-links.

Do-follow back-links: 

Do-follow back-links are the most valuable back-links but finding a do-follow back-link is very hard and time consuming, do-follow back-links can help you increase your Google page rank and also this will improve your search engine rankings.

Low page rank back-links: 

Big web gurus will always tell you to build high page rank back-links cause they think that only high page rank back-links can increase their search engines rankings. But I will recommend to build some low page rank back-links too cause this will look more natural to Google.

Related back-links: 

Build back-links that are related to your niche otherwise Google will not count your link and they may mark your site as a spam for building unrelated back-links.

This link building methods can help you to increase your search engines rankings if you follow them, it may take sometime for Google to find your back-links so have patience and don’t stop building back-links.
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