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Complete Optimization of WordPress Permalinks

Most of the WordPress users, these days are familiar with the permalinks. But still for someone who don’t know, Permalink is the link to the particular page on the WordPress blog. In short, we can call it URL of some page. WordPress gives us the lot of choices to choose the kind of the permalink.


I know that entire heck; Tell Me, Which One is Best Permalink Structure?

So, WordPress gives us 3-4 options for Permalinks option to Default one.

From SEO point of view, all of others are better than default. But, still we got 2-3 options. One of them must be better than others. That’s true actually.
This is Permalink is best for blogger/writer and mainly when he/she writes for years. Permalink itself reflects the date on which it was published which really preferable by some people. Also, it is keyword rich due to presence of post name within. Only drawback of this URL is, it’s too long. Too long Permalink is not preferable from SEO perspective.

This also is better permalink. It’s keyword rich, it’s short. Most of the bloggers in the blogosphere are using this permalink structure.
To switch setting to this permalink, paste /%postname%/ in custom text box.
According to me, this is best permalink structure. But it contains category name as well. Most of the times, category name is very good keyword. So, using it in permalink is desirable. Also, it gives blogger/writer a brief idea where article belong. So, it also performs somewhat segregation work.
To switch setting to this permalink, paste /%category%/%postname%/ in custom text box.


And If You Like To Use or .html Permalink:

All of the above permalinks can be denoted as .html by using this structure. I don’t know if it have some advantage or disadvantage but I think it is as good as any of the above permalink structures.


My Post URL is Still Too Long:

In WordPress, we are using post name in the permalink. If post name is too long then, by default, article URL gets lengthy. WordPress have given a short option to avoid this.
On edit article page, after entering the article title, there is an option to edit the URL. Here, write the desirable URL structure. Be sure to put most important keywords into it.


What We Learn Today About Permalinks:

1. Permalink have good SEO value, must be meaningful.
2. /%category%/%postname%/ is best permalink structure due to its keyword richness.
3. Too long URL is not good for SEO health. Cut it short, smartly.
4. WordPress is too good. It has infinite possibilities, options and options.
That’s all for Now.
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