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Common mistakes about directories submission

Mistakes About Directories Submission

Some people think the more backlins you have the better, right? Well, not exactly!
Poor backlinks are worse nothing!
It’s the quality, not the quantity that matters!

Backlinks cannot hurt, even the worst ones (otherwise that could be used by your competitors to bring your site down), but you waist your time and, often, money while gathering them. Besides poor baclinks can push a website down in SERPSs for targeted keywords in a number of ways. So the point is - be very careful when choosing resources to link to your site.
Without further ado, I will summarise the points you need to consider when submitting your site to directories:
  • Choose only quality directories which rank well. Here you can find a list of strongest directories rated by the seomoz Trifecta Tool. And here are the Top rated directories according to user voting.
  • Submit to directories that rank high on targeted keywords. If unsure of the directory quality, submit only to those that rank high on their targeted keywords.
  • Submit only to relevant categories. Choose a topical category for submission, ideally – the one that matches your topic precisely. If a directory doesn’t have a category relevant  to your website’s content, it is not worth submitting to. Links from Other or Miscellaneous are of very little value.
  • Submit about 15-20% of your links to deep directories, that allow to link to your internal pages.
  • Submit gradually, but regulary! Do not submit your site too quickly to hunderds or even thousands of directories. Fast growth in link popularity may trigger Google Over Optimisation filter and will push your site down in SERPs. Also, gradual increase in the link mass looks more natural and hence is appreciated by serach engines.
  • Post links with carefully targeted keywords in the anchor text that are highly relevant (!) to the content of the page your are submitting.
  • Avoid submitting to directories with nofollow attribute. Those are not worth much, except direct traffic, which is only possible from very popular and highly attended sites.
  • Give less preference to dynamic link pages. Some directories do not offer a permanent place for your link, but rather offer a position, which is dynamic, i.e. depends on internal factors (user voting, newly added links etc.). Such links are not worth much, so leave them as your last resort in link building campaign.
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