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Best Way To Build Backlinks After The Panda

If you were hit by the recent panda update and your rankings are lost then it’s time to get back to the track cause I will show you how to build back-links for your sites.
Some of my niche sites were hit by the panda and my earnings went down but i didn’t give up I tried many link build methods and I did test after test until I finally found the perfect way to build back-links after the panda.

My methods won’t work on auto blogs and sites that have duplicate content so please don’t try this if you are looking to promote spam sites with my formula. Only sites with unique content can benefit from this formula.


Best Link Build Methods After The Panda:

Guest Posting: 

Guest posting has been always the best way to build highly optimized back-links so you can try out this method to build back-links, and also you will get free traffic from your guest posts.


Paid Back-links: 

I know Google don’t like paid back-links but who are going to tell that I am buying links, I have purchased some good high pr back-links for my blog and I got a pr of 3 which I am pretty happy about.
If you purchase back-links then always remember to buy from well known back-link provider cause there are lot’s of spam back-link provider on the net that sells spam back-links and that will result in low rankings of your blog.

High Page Rank Back-links: 

Build only high pr back-links so that you can rank for competitive keywords and this is recommended if you want to get a high Page Rank.

Low Page Rank Back-links: 

I know this sounds crazy but yes it is true if you build low page rank back-links then it will look much more natural to Google eyes. As long as the back-links is relevant is doesn’t matter if it is a high pr or low pr back-links.

There are the simple methods that I use to build back-links for my blogs and I hope you will also benefit from this formula, and if you have any question then feel free to ask m
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