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Best Keywords To Target In Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most sustainable ways to get traffic to your web properties. The beauty of article marketing is your articles can continue to drive visitors to your sites long after they have been published.

But unless you construct an article correctly then your efforts will be wasted. While information is the reason people will find your article you still have to “bait” them for your article to be found. In other words, correctly optimizing your article is vital if you expect to get people to find it.

You may write a great piece on bamboo but writing it in a broad sense, that is, without targeting a specific phrase related to the topic then you’ll find it hard to rank for your content. For example, just writing an article on bamboo is okay but with almost 50 million searches, it would be impossible to rank for the term in the search engines.

However, if you decided to go for a key phrase within the bamboo topic such as bamboo sheets, bamboo blinds or bamboo clothing then you are getting into an area where not only can you rank for these terms much easier, but the traffic you get will be much more targeted.

Each one of these key phrases has 500,000 searches or less and compared to bamboo which has nearly 50 million, you have a greater chance of your article being found.

Targeted traffic means people are looking for a specific item. If someone is searching for bamboo clothing then that’s what they are looking for. They are also more likely to be in a buying frame of mind. If they type in bamboo, then it’s a fair bet they are not really sure about what they are searching for and could simply be browsing.

Can you see the benefit of targeting less searched but more targeted key phrases? So when sitting down to write an article for directory submission, spend at least a few minutes isolating the keyword you want to target because in the long run, it’s more than likely your article will be ranking for that term and being found more often than if you simply targeted a highly searched broad phrase.
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