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Believe It or Not, Stumble Upon is Important for Your Business

The World Wide Web is filled with fascinating things which attract even the most reluctant of users. Furthermore, the Internet is an excellent place to promote businesses, entrepreneurs, art and beauty. There are many great opportunities to be had online, and even more tools that can help a resourceful business person promote his company.

Social media platforms have become increasingly popular because they provide the avid user with unparalleled outreach and chances to engage with followers. It’s like a community of friends, only a lot bigger. Nevertheless, Twitter, Face book, Pinterest and Google+ seem to be the four social media Titans which have attracted a serious amount of attention, even if there are other great mediums waiting to be discovered. Stumble Upon is one of them.

What is Stumble Upon

Like Pinterest and Reedit, Stumble Upon is a social bookmarking site, and a very successful one at that. From what I have seen, many users like wasting their time on it, but I would also like to add that it is time well spent. Stumble Upon will basically help you “stumble upon” some of the most interesting sites online.

Aside from social bookmarking, this intuitive platform is also a Social Voting Site, where people can express their like, or dislike for the pages that they encounter in their journey. This means that the content displayed on it is evaluated according to its content.

Why You Should Use Stumble Upon for Business

According to some of the best digital agencies, social media marketing will continue to gain popularity during the years. This is because more and more people wish to connect with like-minded people, communicate and share their interests.

It would be beneficial to add Stumble Upon to your social strategy because it can bring obscene amounts of traffic to your blog. Nevertheless, Stumble Upon is a tricky platform. The main idea is to gather as many positive votes as possible, because this will increase your chances of getting noticed by average internet users.

You see, from the moment you register an account to Stumble Upon, you are enquired in regards to your interests. This means that people will only be stumbling on things that are relevant to their interests, so if your page happens to be one of them, you will be receiving extremely relevant, targeted traffic.

Inbound marketing is all about sharing great quality content. In other words, if you manage to create something worthwhile, you should share it with the world, and the world will share it further.

One thing you should bear in mind is that traffic coming from this bookmarking site is difficult to convert. In order to be successful on this social media network you have to be consistent. Although there is no foolproof recipe for success when it comes to Stumble Upon, there is a trend that I have noticed among users. Dedication, perseverance and ambition are key qualities for the Stumble Upon marketer.

All in all, we are not saying that you should jump on the wagon unprepared; we are trying to point out that there are other extremely relevant and powerful social media platforms out there.
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