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Awesome Tips To Use Photos To Their Full Potential


Tips To Use Photos 

Sometimes great content doesn’t hold up by itself – or would do better with reinforcements.
Photos in your posts add another dimension to what would normally be a dense, word-intensive blog post.
A recent study also found that photos garnered 2x more engagement than its textual counterparts on Facebook. So, go ahead, give it a try.

Why Use Them

Using photos in your content requires a bit more effort. Between finding appropriate, relevant photos and formatting them within the text, it can be more time consuming than slapping in your post and hitting publish. However, there are a number of very good reasons to take the extra time.
  • Further your point – Photos help add value to your text and better express a difficult subject or topic.
  • Break up the text – Although 400 words may not seem like a lot to the regular blogger, to a busy reader it can be cumbersome. Introducing photos into your text, keeps a reader engaged.
  • Provide a visual cue – When it comes to remembering your post, sometimes the words aren’t enough. Make sure your reader remembers you and your post with well placed photos.
  • Differentiate your content – Unique photos set your blog posts apart from thousands of others written in the same style and structure.

How to Use Them

Now, before you jump right in, there are a few guidelines you’ll want to follow. Simply placing pictures here and there may not yield the best results. These rules of thumb ensure that you use photos to their full potential, and actually add value to your site and your readers.
  • For search engines: Choose photos from related sites or with a relevant attribution, and utilize keywords in your caption. Searchenginepeople.com suggests, “With the proper use of the alt tag and a keyword file name images can be optimized for search engines to add another on-page SEO element to your post.”
  • For the reader: To successfully attach a visual cue to your post, it is best to place your photo toward the top of the page, often next to the header. This helps your reader associate your title, and text with the visual.
Suggested uses:
  • For tutorials: When explaining the process of doing something, it’s often beneficial to your reader to have screenshots as a visual aspect of the explanation.
  • For art or photography sake: If your photos are the blog post, you’ll want to present them in their best form. When choosing size, always pick “full size.” This will allow them to really come off of the page.

Where to Find These Photos

Whenever you use a photograph, it’s important that you also attribute your source. Many professional bloggers have found it easier to purchase royalty-free photos and avoid the credit all together. Whether you are in a place to purchase photos, or not, there are many sources available to you.
For Free: There are a number of sites that supply high quality photos for free. Though you still have to attribute the source, this gives you an opportunity to use good looking pictures.
  • Stock.xching: This website provides a wide variety of free photo options. It also suggests paid photo sources, in the case that you need something more specific.
  • Freedigitalphotos.net: This site has a massive gallery of free photos that are all good quality. If you’re looking for something specific, however, this isn’t the site for you.
Paid: Various sites offer stock images that you can pay per photo or purchase a membership.
  • iStockphoto.com: Here you can purchase photos in whatever fashion works for you. Pricing starts at $1 a photo.
Including images in your content brings more value to the reader, helps with search engine rankings and gives depth to an otherwise long blog post. Take the extra time to format your photos well, and you’ll see positive results.

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