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Autoblogging - making money online

The dream of every webmaster is to launch a site and start instantly getting income without doing anything.
Although this may sound as an exaggeration, in reality is not far from truth.
In this post I wanted to share with you an idea of web-business that lately has been very popular, namely autoblogging.

Not only is it popular, but it claims to fulfil the every webmaster’s dream (see above).

Autoblogging is often coined as a “Holy Grails” of e-business, as people who are engaged in it frequently report incomes of many thousands dollars per months. Whether true or not, verifying such claims goes beyond the scope of this article, which is aimed at merely clarifying the phenomenon of autoblogging and giving you some useful links to other resources and tools that can help you with starting your autoblog empire if you decide you want one.



So what is  Autoblogging?

Autoblogging is a type of blogging, where you build a network of automatically updated mini-blogs.
There are two major scheme for autoblogging:
  • Satellite network. This consist of a main blog and a network of satellites in the same (or similar) niche linking to it.
  • Independent network. This consist of a network of independent blogs each on a different topic.
In the first case the network of satellites is built in order to pass link-weight, PR  and drive traffic to the main blog, which sells products or services. In the second case, all blogs are equally important and target different highly profitable niches.


How does autoblogging work?

You create a network of blogs with either a free-hosted blogging resources (www.blogger.com, e.g.) or using free open source platforms such as Wordpress. Then you start populating the blogs with unique content, ideally daily or at least a few times a week.
Now you will ask me where on Earth you will get that much unique content? You are obviously not a genius robot-writer who can write tens of unique interesting articles on tens of various topics. I know that!

The key element here is that you use PLR article and spin or re-write them with a decent content spinner.  As opposed to copyright protected materials, with PLR articles you ARE allowed to re-write them as you wish and even put your own name on them as the author. However, PLR articles are not unique. So your blogs will never rank high in Search Engines, unless you re-write PLR articles. But how can you re-write tens of articles a day? Same problem as before, right?

The answer is you need a decent content spinner or artcile re-writing software. There are quite a few of those on the market, but majority of them is crap. Besides, remember that if you go for a Wordpress blog ( and I see this a as the best options), you would also need the plugin to be Wordpress-compatible, so that it can operate and do the rewriting from within your blog.
I have spent weeks looking for such a plugin and have seen quite a few different versions, but the best I found so far is caffeinated content. Not only it pulls articles from copyright-free sources, it can also rewrite them and what’s more - rewrite them AUTOMATICALLY!!! Such a plugin is the CORE of the whole autoblogging business, and without it autoblogging is impossible.


How to implement autoblogging - a step by step guide

Again, there are quite a few guides out there on the Web, but I found this one to be the most helpful and clear -
Autoblogging for thousands: complete
It details all the major aspects of autoblogging and guides you step-by-step towards building a network of  autoblogs.
In that article you will also find all the necessary plugins for Wordpress. Most of them are FREE, however some, like caffeinated content are paid ones. But as I said, this is the heart of the autoblogging technique and without it you will fail.


How to earn with autoblogging?

The blog monetisation is no different from usual website monetisation techniques:
namely, context ads (Adsense), affiliate programs or selling your own products (e.g. ebooks) with Clickbank.
If you opt for the independent blog networks as you autoblogging schemes and choose high-paying niches for the autoblogs, then you AdSense earnings should be appreciable and you may not need to do anything else apart from AdSense to earn decent income.
How much? That entirely depends on you and, in particular, which niches for your autoblogs you will choose and how efficiently your promote your sites. The promotion methods are standard: SEO, RSS feeds, Social networks (Twitter), forum posting and topically-related blog comments.


Instead of conclusion

Autoblogging is potentially a highly-profitable web-business, which once wisely setup, should bring continuously good (or even high) income. If done using ethical means and legal tools (and I strongly advise you to use only legit methods) is also a legitimate one.  How you do it or don’t do it - it’s entirely up to you.
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