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All Bloggers Must Be Aware of 6 Qualities of Good Post

Tony Robbins always says that  'Success Leaves Clues, It Can Be Studied.'
In similar tone, Every good article leaves clues. All good articles have some common properties. Let’s try to discuss properties of such Blog Posts.


Choosing Creative and Useful Subject/Writing:

Wringing something that is not discussed at all is best for any blogger, as well reader. But finding such subject is difficult each time. Still, try to grab the less discussed subject. If you find one, then it is hit for sure.
Apart from this, you can write about any existing subjects but there must be some Unique Touch OF You like your experience, opinions, disagreements, reasons etc. These things make your article unique (by You). This is reason, reader comes back to you.


Easy But Catchy Headline:

Blog post headline must be Easy so that readers will not have to think a lot on it. (Because, they don’t). Also, it must be magnetic so reader wanna open your page and read what else you got. Catchy headline part becomes more of important when your headline is one of 10, on search engine result page.


Appetizer Like Introduction:

This relates to 1st paragraph of post. This decides, if reader will dig in OR sniff through your page OR just bounces away. Journalist type approach is best here. First paragraph of your post must be the soup of whole post content. This will act like appetizer or teaser.


Supportive Informative Videos And Pictures:

Remember the most say’ed phrase, “A Picture Speaks Thousands of Words“.
Whatever is your blog niche, you must have a relevant picture or video on your blog post. It has a lot of pluses…
  • For deep technical blogs, it improves understanding of subject by huge margin.
  • Saves time of writer as well as reader.
  • Aesthetically looks appealing.
  • Reader, in his mind, relates that image/video with your blog and that subject. So, when he/she in need of similar information, comes back to you.
  • These images get indexed for that niche and bring extra traffic to your blog.


Updating With Time:

I think most of bloggers must be hating this, Re-editing old posts, (I know I do!). This is not needed in all the cases. You can pick your old posts.
Because, as a blogger you must be learning new things, so it is very easy and important for you to go back and spot the places where you can add new points or sources. Probably, you may disagree with your old opinion.
Also, it is not possible for your reader to drill into your archives and read good articles. You can do this thing by re-editing and re-posting them. John Chow called this concept as “Blast From The Past”.


Keep It As Short As Possible:

Most scarce thing in this world is Time. Keep your sentences simple. Remember, you have to write article in which every word has some purpose and adding some value to the article.
That’s All..!
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