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Adsense Recipe

It surprised a lot of people when Google proved to actually be a place where the average person could make a lot of money online.

Today, Google leads the world as the number one pay per click search engine. This success left critics scratching their heads in a stupor.
Who would have guessed Google’s Adsense program would turn out to be the perfect arrangement between buyers, sellers, advertisers and surfers?

Adsense Recipe

Although AdSense originally took a hit from negative feedback from people when the Google innovation was first released, much of the problem was not with the program, but with the people who attempted to twist the concept into something that was solely intended to wrest money from the legitimate purpose.

Thanks to the quick action from Google to tighten up the reins on the ‘Black Hat Gang’, you can now make money with AdSense without fear of negative influence. The key factor is that you must know the rules that affect the AdSense program and must abide by the rules in order to increase your profit.

When you consider the benefits of Adsense, their colossal success and profiting really isn’t much of a surprise. That’s because the master minds behind the Google think tank curtain discovered a way to close an important yet overlooked gap in the web’s advertising model.

It all started when Adsense first considered the basic interactive nature of surfers, and realized that the main inclination of people online is to click links.
Most advertisers and publishers saw this as a problem with internet advertising. Such clicking lead people away from the website they initially wanted them on, thus losing sales.

But Adsense somehow saw this activity as a revenue opportunity, and set out to capture the profits from all of these “link clickers”.
The end result was a new relationship between buyers and advertisers which had never before existed. Suddenly if you had a product, all you had to do was go to Google, and you’d find instant buyers for your product.

AdSense is the simplest form of paid advertising available to a website owner. While AdSense is a viable monetization strategy, it is not appropriate for every website. Small business websites typically have thirty or less pages.

The site is more like an online brochure. Unless the website gets a lot of traffic, AdSense will only produce a few pennies per day. Other forms of advertising may provide better monetization for sites that are small or that are not yet getting enough traffic.

Obtaining a Google AdSense account requires that you already have a website and that you already have enough content in the site for Google to judge its quality and appropriateness for their advertising clients. I recommend that you don’t request a Google account until you have at least twenty pages on your site.
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