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8 Working Strategies to Advertise Your Blog

Your blog is not getting enough visitors? You do not know how to attract visitors and potential customers? You must know that every day thousands of people who run blogs extent that they can be successful but after a few months away from their purposes as or has no popularity or does not receive enough feedback.

Even blogs with great content do not automatically become famous.
For this reason, we look at eight strategies that you can take right now to advertise your blog without having to necessarily know every technical aspect of WordPress.

1. Focused on a single topic

Many open their own blog writing about their lives or the world around them: nothing could be more wrong! Can also affect anyone at first, but then no one will come back to visit those pages.

If you want to make your blog successful, you have to focus on only one or at most two arguments and stick to them as much as possible. If you probably know that a certain type of argument has a limited amount, you can always extend that argument to a broader horizon.

A concrete example can be: you can switch from growing cherry cultivation of fruit trees and if you run out your issues you can always talking about gardening in general.

2. Make friends in the “blogosphere”

Unless you have not identified a niche “n0n joke”, most likely your arguments are developed by other bloggers in the network. At this point, go to their blog and comment on their posts , many of them will allow the inclusion of any link with their name. This will not bring visitors from their blog but you can also make friends with the owners of the same up to consider a link exchange.

Comments must be relevant to the post: You must provide information in order to attract visitors and do not write a simple “hey, congratulations for the post”! In this case you will be labeled as a spammer.

3. Join the Blogging Support Gropus

Attend a support group blogging as bloggers.com : is a great opportunity to find similar blogs and all members are entered into a database as well as the last post inserted in the pages of the group.

4. Keep visitors on your blog

There are some plugins or features like LinkWithin , Best Related Posts or SimpleTags that allow you to find content related to your post. For example, if you wrote a post about Cannes your visitors will find a series of five posts on the Cote d’Azur, France or Cannes. Generally in the form of images that capture the visitor’s attention.
It ‘a great way for your readers to visit your blog pages longer.

5. Make guest blogging

The guest blogging on other blogs belonging to your niche you create an image of an expert on a given topic. MyBlogGuest is a great way to find those who are looking for guest writers or blog can be a great tool to find people to write guest posts on your blog.

6. Involve your readers and make sure you comment on

If a reader comments to your post, obviously has something to say but it might not have shared on social networks or marked as a favorite. If the above answer and do so that other visitors comment on, establish a relationship so that readers return to your blog, which will share your stories with greater pleasure on Facebook and Twitter.

7. Add the buttons to share on your blog to social networks

If you do not put them in too invasive, or anywhere, the buttons for sharing to social networks can literally do wonders in terms of visibility. For this purpose, we recommend using the plugin  AddThis.

8. Not disappear

Blogging is not a short-term thing: you have to endure over time to be able to create a solid readership base. Try to consistently publish compelling content, accept guest posts, and above all try to spend time and energy to build your network of bloggers and link partners. Sites and blogs that are the longest are usually rewarded by the search engines as to authority.


The contents are important and if optimized can attract organic traffic from search engines, or that traffic from those who enter a search key in the same.

Yet we have seen that to build its reputation must be used along with the time and resources in building its network by taking actions. It ‘important to keep in mind that especially when you write a guest post on a blog authority must do it as if I were writing for your blog: if the only way people will be quality content on your site.
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