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7 New Important Features Of Google Adwords That Strengthen Your Campaigns

To make Google AdWords more users friendly and helpful, Google is continuously trying and offering new features in AdWords.  Hundreds of new features have been included and these are simple to use and helps in promoting your campaigns in a much better way.  You need not to utilize every feature, but these features are available to help you and make your campaign attractive and reachable to all.

1. Ad Customizers

Ad customizers are one of the most helpful features provided by Google and one should make use of it. This technology is very innovative as it helps you adapt the text for your text based ads as per the user’s search query. This helps you in creating a sense of urgency and that helps you get more conversion. The ad customizers, is a new dynamic system for ad parameter.

2. Callout Extensions

If you are looking to get more traffic to your site, then call out extensions are very important although it is a bit tricky, but when you understand it, you will be benefiting from it. Many of us get it confused with Sitelink extension, these two might look similar but both come with a basic difference, where slot extension will not have any link and you can’t navigate to another page, but with Sitelink extension you will get call-to-action, where you get clickable callouts.

3. Call Tracking

Mobile devices are playing very vital role as most of the searches on Google are coming from mobile devices. In 2013 Google has implemented call tracking, with website, call conversions, and people are trying to understand this amazing concept. With this feature you can get the important information about the caller like call duration, calling place. This information will be available only when a caller clicks on your click-to-call extension.

4. App Promotion Ads

Apps are is a very important tool these days people are spending most of their time on apps than desktop computers. If you are running business without an app, then it is the time for you to think again and add business app. Google knows the recent trend and come up with this option where companies can use their own apps as marketing tool.

5. Demographic Targeting Ads

Google AdWords is all set to target more audience through demographic targeting ad platform. Although Facebook and twitter helps in getting certain demographic information like financial status or age or interest. Last year that is in 2014 Google came up with a balanced idea of having keyword search and display ads with demographic targeting ads. This tool provides insight information about who is clicking and viewing your ads.

6. Revamped Google Web Designer for HTML5 Ads

Google has introduced a very attractive, interactive, along with animated ads in the form of HTML5.  This has been added because Adobe Flash is not supported by mobile browsers. HTML5 helps you to create animated image ads which are visible through a mobile browser.

7. Google AdWords Editor

Google has introduced many tools, but the most important one is Google AdWords Editor.  With it you can handle editing work with speed.
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