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5 Ways to Increase Comments on your Blog

Want to increase the comments on your blog? Write interesting articles, but do not get feedback from your users? Try to take one of the 5 strategies that I’ll explain in this article!

Have comments on your articles is very important: you can draw useful tips for your blog, interact with your users and create a real community on your site.

As a first step, but make sure to enable comments on your WordPress blog: to do so, go to your Dashboard, navigate to Settings and change the configurations in the thread .
Now that you’ve done this, we begin to see the strategies one by one:

To increase the comments, you have to ask your users to comment!

This is the most important thing: if you want to increase the comments on your blog, you need to ask your users to do so.

At the end of each article, include a paragraph inviting readers to share their opinions, experiences and suggestions. You may want to customize this section for each post you write, asking questions specific to the topics covered.

Track your comments and answers offered valuable

First, regularly monitors your comments. One of the great tools that you can use, which I have already spoken in the past, is the platform for Disqus comments.

If you want to increase the comments on your site, do your best to give your users with helpful answers and complete. Often, answers of few words are not enough.

Here are some general rules that you should follow to write comments in response to your users: write at least a couple of sentences, use good grammar, review what you’ve written, ask questions, and always please contact the user by name.

It simplifies the process to leave comments

If you want to increase the comments, you have to make the process as simple as possible. Avoid Having on Your Site systems that require users to log in to leave a comment.
Allow comment as a guest user, using a default avatar set on your WordPress site.

Recognize those who participate more

If you can create a community in your comments section, you’ll notice that there will be users who regularly participate in the discussions.

There are several tools you can use to recognize these top commentators , one of which is precisely  the Top Commentators Widget that will appear in the sidebar of your blog the name of who contributes most often in conversations. Your users will be pleased to see their name and will leave more comments!

From space to all the opinions of your users

If you want to increase the comments on your blog and create a real community, you will need to accommodate all of the opinions of your users. Perhaps, they may not agree with what you wrote in your article or a comment that you left, but tries to accommodate them in a positive and constructive.
But be careful: this kind of comment is different from those left by so-called trolls, users often leave negative comments and offensive both to you that to other readers.


Today I have outlined the key strategies for managing the feedback to your articles, and increase the comments on your blog. Now, I ask you just to comment! What do you think? You get so many comments? If you have any questions or suggestions you can also send me a message by clicking in the bottom right.
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