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5 Tips On How To Find Low Competition Keywords

Learn how to find low competition keywords within minutes with the easiest method that has helped me to get thousand of visitor and rss subscriber to my blog.
I have been trying to master the keyword research part for a long time and so I have read and purchased eBooks to learn the secret of keyword research.

So in this post I am going to share the secret with you for free that will help you find unlimited low competition keywords within a matter of minutes.

Is it really possible to find keywords that have low competition?

Yes you can find keywords that have little or no competition by following the simple methods that I am going to share with you today. So go and pick up a pen or open your notepad to write the important points of keyword research that I am going to discuss in this post.


Tip 1> Select A keyword: 

Go to google keyword tool and then find the keyword that you are going to target, to find a good keyword you should follow this requirements: At least 1000 local searches per month, 1$ click value and competition level medium.

Tip 2> Make A List: 

After finding the keyword it’s time to gather some other keywords that are related to the keyword you are targeting so make a list of at least 20 keywords.

Tip 3> Keyword Demand: 

Let’s see if people are searching for the keyword or not, to do that you can go to Yahoo Answers and search for the keywords that you are targeting. If you see results that have your keyword on it then you can be sure that the keyword is really hot.

Tip 4> Check Other Keyword: 

Check all the keywords that are going to target and make a excel report so that you can use it to make a good list of low competition keywords for you. If you see that all the related keywords also have a good search volume then you can go for that keyword.

Tip 5> Keyword Competition: 

Make sure you have the Web Rank Toolbar installed on your Firefox browser if you don’t have Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC then you can download it.

After installing the web rank toolbar plugin on your browser you will be able to see how many links the sites has, total number of pages indexed by Google, Alexa rank, and page rank.

So if the website that is ranking for your keyword has a pr of 2 or 3 and indexed pages in Google is less then 100 hundred then beating the website will be easy. All you have to do is build some power links from pr 3 to 7 pages and add content regularly on your blog to hold your rankings. Soon your website will be on the first page of Google.
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