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5 Tips For Effective SEO Website Design

SEO website design incorporates more than just the way a site looks, functions and is formatted. Instead, elements of a site’s design can actually affect search engine ranking and improve its traffic.

Tips For Effective SEO 

In addition to positive results associated with quality SEO, poor SEO can similarly have a negative affect on a site’s traffic and search engine ranking.

Some of the most important aspects of website SEO include some of the following tips:

1. Incorporate Quality Content

Content is one of the most important aspects of a site’s SEO, offering visitors and search engine bots real information that not only attracts them to a site, but may keep them reading and spending valuable minutes on a site. While the length of time a visitor spends on a site might be an indicator of whether they’ll give a business a call or not, it is also a good indicator of a site’s relevance, an important factor to many search engine algorithms.

2. Add Fresh, Unique, Content Often

While it’s important to create and add quality content, how often that content is added is an important consideration that many of the bigger search engines look at. Because information can become irrelevant over time, adding fresh information shows visitors and search engines that a business is still around, still relevant and still carries an important role in its industry. While adding new information is vital to a site’s ranking, ensuring information is unique also highlights one’s status as a front-runner in contrast to copying information already available on the web.

3. Seek Out Links From Quality Sites

Recent updates from some of the major search engines penalized many website severely for black hat linking, especially those links acquired from “link farms.” Instead, search engine algorithms have begun promoting the use of links as a method of highlighting one’s relevance within an industry. Checking and optimizing directories pointing to a site, including place listings and review sites, is an important aspect of improving one’s site as a whole. Bad links from sites that are achieved through black hat methods or have no relevance to a site or business can be detrimental.

4. Include a Site Map

Websites that include a site map are easier for search engines to crawl, finding the quality links, content and pages included throughout. Even a simple site map is better than none at all. Bigger sites, which have hundreds and hundreds of pages can benefit from having a site map that breaks down subjects, topics and pages easily for both audience members and search engine bots crawling sites.

5. Use Descriptive Meta Tags That Include Keywords

The meta tags and descriptions on a site help give search engines and visitors a condensed idea of what a site or business is about, selling or offering. By including keywords that are meant to attract certain visitors searching for information, a business, product or service, search engines may include that site higher in relevance when it comes to search engine rankings. While meta tags and descriptions are important, they are a single piece of a constantly transforming puzzle known as search engine optimization.

While following simple tips for incorporating quality SEO into a site are important for understanding the basics of improving a site, there are hundreds of ideas that can all work together to improve a site’s ranking on the major search engines. Constant updates and industry transformations make growth and adaptation among webmasters and business owners an important part of working collectively to highlight a business, group or individual’s website.
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