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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Campaigns

As more consumers are using their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to not just access the internet but to research purchases, ecommerce merchants are finding that it’s essential to upgrade their stores so that 1-click purchases are available for customers to take advantage of.

Today’s mobile window shoppers are also mobile buyers, so you need to make sure your website is ready to provide them with what they need.

1. Make sure your website is mobile-accessible.

A mobile-ready layout with a responsive design (one that will automatically re-size and adapt content to be compatible with mobile browsers and small screen resolutions) is a must. You need to make up for the customers’ inability to tangibly see and handle your products by offering a great shopping experience, complete with high quality product photos that readily display on mobile screens. If you’re using an ecommerce website builder, mobile display layouts should be built right in.

2. Use a grid layout.

Grid layouts work best for any type of browser and resolution, and for small screens especially, grids display easier than lists or magazine-style layouts.

3. Be active on social media.

Consumers aren’t just browsing ecommerce websites on their laptops and mobile devices – they’re checking in on Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest and YouTube. Make sure you’re active on these sites, and work hard to build your followers so that you can promote yourself to a large group of people. Take advantage of the premium advertising services offered by Facebook and Twitter so that your ads will have the most reach.

4. Give your customers an incentive to shop at your website.

Make it worth your customers’ while to take the time to shop with you. Offer discounts on certain items, free shipping for orders over $100, and take advantage of newsletters and social shares as a way to give discounts and increase your traffic.

5. Tweak your SEO.

SEO is alive and well for both browser-based websites and mobile-based websites. Search engines are seeing plenty of traffic from all types of devices, so make sure that no matter how your customers are browsing the web, the keywords they enter will bring them to you, and not your competition.

Consider adding a PPC campaign to your marketing plans, but be sure to track the results as the campaign unfolds – this way you’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and be better prepared for the next campaign.
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