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5 Awesome Tips To Make Money From Your Blog


Tips To Make Money From Your Blog

Are you tired of buying make money online products that promises sun and moon but delivers nothing? if so then read this post because I will show you how to make 10$ everyday from your blog.

The first thing you will need to do is stop thinking about making 1000$ per month because this will never happen over night it takes and lot’s of effort to finally start seeing some money and I am saying this from my personal experience.


1. Start Slowly: 

Don’t work too much just to make some fast cash, work slowly and you will see result don’t jump from one method to other because if you do that you will surely fail.

2. Make A Plan: 

Make a list of work you will do daily for example make a list of what to do at morning and what to do at night and etc etc. If you do this you will see the result soon because having a plan is a must have for thing for all bloggers.

3. Blog Every Day: 

Write blog posts everyday because no one likes a blog that never updates with new fresh content and if you don’t update your blog everyday then you will loose your search engine rankings.

4. Choose Good Keywords: 

With good keywords you can make huge money from your blog but if you choose wrong keywords that all your effort will go to waste.

5. Keep Building Back-links: 

Don’t build back-links too fast try to build 5 to 10 back-links per day so that Google can rank your website higher in the search engine results page. Build back-links from sites that are closely related to your topics so that your back-links can be more effective in Google’s eyes.
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