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4 New Changes by Google and How They Would Affect SEO Strategies and Content Marketing

Google is always busy updating its search engine algorithms, and every change made by the search engine giant either becomes a blessing for some of the webmasters or a curse for others.

During 2013, Google updated its algorithm a good 15 times and 2014 is not going to be any different, going by the progress so far. Algorithmic changes are something SEO experts must pay special attention to, but content writers should just get started with the important lessons they have learned without wasting any more time.

Actual Value of PageRank: How Much Does it Matter Today 

PageRank is nothing but a measure of the number of links pointing to your website from other websites. Links actually work like votes, which improve the credibility of the website and showcases it as a one of the high-quality websites. The problem is Google hasn’t bothered to update the meter of PageRank since the beginning of 2013.

This also means that getting links from high PrageRank domains is all you are focusing on then you should stop right away. This doesn’t mean PageRank has no significance but Google doesn’t want to highlight its importance. You should be focused on converting visitors, driving traffic and becoming authoritative in your niche with quality content.

Google Authorship 

It is still under speculation how Google Authorship will be affecting the searches. Industry experts say that Google will be using author profile for determining the credibility, authority and expertise of your website and you as an author for evaluating the quality of content generated by you. Eric Schmidt recently wrote in his book that the information that is connected to respective online profiles will be ranking higher compared to those content that can’t be verified.

This will in turn result in most of the users naturally clicking on top of verified results. Your social profiles may also be judged by Google for gauging the number of shares your article has received, the number of individual followers you have and the authority of the website you are publishing your content on.

Contextual Search 

Around a couple of years, keyword stuffing did the job for many online marketers, but search engines have evolved and come a long way in just a couple of years. Now the search engine crawler tries to take the best guess of what a user is trying to find and fetches the most relevant matching results as per the query of the user. Today, contextual search has become most important and accounts for highest number of personalized search tactics that are based on platform, location and hyper local factors.

Google’s Hummingbird update was also released to target the conversational queries of users, and to fetch highly targeted results to answer their specific questions.

Content is Still the King!

Yes it is difficult to focus on your own content when you actually have to develop content based on what user is trying to find. And, this is why it is important to make a content page, which is rich in information, and answers to most of the related queries possible; at least the broad ones.

The websites that are presently developing rich contents, which seek answer most of the comprehensive questions, instead of just targeting phrases or keywords, will substantially improve their chances of ranking higher on Google, and other major search engines.

So, keep these aspects in mind when you try to devise an SEO strategy over the forthcoming days.
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