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15 Rules for Creating a Successful Blog

Creating a successful blog is the result of months and months of work and consistent effort.
Every day thousands of new blogs that are always “die” after a few months due to lack of visits. But this will not happen with your blog, if you follow some simple but important guidelines which you must carry on day after day.

We have already seen 50 Things To Know Before Creating a Blog, the conditions necessary first to set up a blog, and today we will see what will bring your blog to the next level.

# 1. The first impression is what counts

This means that your blog, in addition to being useful and inspiring, it must also be visually appealing.

So choose a theme suitable for modern and professional blogging, to start immediately attract visitors.

# 2. Content Is King

The contents are the engine of your blog. People will come and will come back to your blog if you know the content and provide quality information.

# 3. Keep it organized

  1. Categories and Tags: In this manner will allow your visitors to easily access the content they are looking for; Subscribe to our email course on “Learn How to Create a Successful Blog” to learn how to better organize your blog.
  2. Widgets: Through these add-on you can further organize the / and the sidebar of your blog, to make it more efficient and proactive; In this article you will find all “The Best Blog Widgets Used From Success”. 

# 4. Make guest blogging

Ask other bloggers in your niche to write occasionally or on a regular blog post in exchange for visibility and visits that can lead to your site.

# 5. Reply to comments

It ‘important to interact with your audience, then reply to all comments and requests for assistance both on and post both on the Facebook fanpage.
In this way stimolerai dialogue and in some time you will create real conversations around yours.

# 6. Create a strong presence on social

Social media can make a real difference in a blog. Thanks to them, you can share your content and interact with your audience.
Also have authority over these sites, you will lead to benefits in terms of SEO and then ranking on search engines.

Create profiles on social:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google Plus
- LinkedIn
- Youtube

And always remember to monitor them through tools such as Buffer.

# 7. Facilitates the sharing of your content

Add some social buttons at the beginning and at the end of your articles. In this way, your readers will be able to share your content with their audience, bringing a huge visibility.

In this article you will find the modern graphics and appealing to the social buttons on your blog: “10 Social Buttons For Your Blog in WordPress”.

# 8. Is link building

Build a network of links around your blog. Remember to connect as much as possible yours and include links to other resources and to other blogs.

In this way stimolerai the other sites to do the same with you, giving you valuable backlinks.

# 9. Learn the basics of SEO

SEO is crucial if you want to get organic traffic free. In “50 SEO Tips for WordPress” you will find the basic rules for optimizing your blog for search engines.

# 10. Make it fast

The loading time of a site matters a lot when you’re surfing the web. To avoid that people turn back because your site is too slow, use plugins such as:

- CloudFlare
- W3 Total Cache

# 11. Monetize with your blog

And ‘essential to provide an immediate plan to monetize your blog. For anyone who has a blog to support the sale of products could avoid doing so, but those who want to earn from your blog only needs to be equipped to do so immediately.

You can do this through:
  • Adsense: Through this program you can see the banners on your pages which, if clicked, will take you a profit;
  • Email Marketing: Requiring email to your readers, in exchange for freemium, you can send them targeted offers, including affiliate products;
  • Google Wallet: You can choose to pay for your readers the content you have on the blog;
  • A donation: You can ask your readers to make a donation to keep alive your blog.

# 12. Use the RSS Feed

Thanks to the RSS feed your loyal readers can directly receive each new blog post you publish.
In this article you will find “5 Alternatives to Feedburner to Your Blog in WordPress”.

# 13. Analyze Your Data

Track the statistics of your site can tell you a lot about what works and what they need to improve. The best tools for doing so are:

  • Google Analytics: Google’s free tool The most widely used of all;
  • KISSmetrics: A tool to measure the more specific your visits;
  • CrazyEgg: Thanks to it you will know what are the “hot spots” of your pages and articles;
  • SEOmoz: An analysis tool focused on the optimization and SEO;

# 14. Pubblicizzalo

Use the piattarfoma of:
  • Facebook: Create ads targhetizzati for a specific audience;
  • Google Adwords: Create a campaign based on keywords;

# 15. Learn from the best blogs

To create a successful blog must necessarily learn from those who did it before you!
In this article you will find “The Best Blog In The World For … Learn How to Manage a Blog.”


It ‘s really possible to create a successful blog. After searching and found a niche on which to build, the rest is due to either a constant commitment and discipline.

If you still have not found a topic on which to create a blog read: “100 Topics To Create a Blog”.
Do you have rules to suggest? See you in the comment box!
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