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10 Tips To Recover From Google’s Latest Penguin Update


Tips To Recover From Google’s

Google recently launched a new penguin update which is designed to remove spam and low quality websites from the Google search results.

Many websites are hit by this new penguin update and so I have seen people posting on forums about how to recover from this new penguin update.
Below I am going to share some tips with you which will help you to recover your website from the penguin update so follow them exactly as I say and you will soon see your rankings going up again.


1. Quality Content

This is nothing new but still many people don’t follow this rule and that’s why they end up losing their website rankings, if your website don’t have quality content in it then you will never be able to recover from any Google’s future updates. I have never cared about any Google’s panda or penguin update because I know that my site meets the Google quality guidelines.

2. Avoid Spelling Mistakes

I am very surprised that no one has discussed about this mistake that many webmasters are making everyday, spellings mistakes will affect your ranking for sure because Google is always looking to provide high quality websites on the search results.

3. Guest Posting

This SEO method has been overlooked by many webmaster because they think it is a waste of time but only the big SEO gurus know that guest posting is the best link building strategy you will ever find. I have done a test to see if guest posting is really worth it or not and I am surprised by the result because I have ranked for a weight loss keyword which is very competitive.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Many webmaster thinks that adding too many keywords on a page will rank their website higher on the search engines but this is absolutely not true. If you are doing this on your website then remove it as soon as possible because you website might get hit by the next update.

5. Over Optimizing Your Pages

On page and off page optimizing is very important but doing too much optimization on a page will decrease your website rankings so try to keep your keyword density at low and don’t add too many out links on your posts.

6. Linking To Low Quality Sites

Only link to high quality sites that have good page rank and try to link to sites which are relevant to your niche so that Google can see your site as an authority on that niche. If your posts links to web pages out of your website then always try to link to high authority websites.

7. Building Too Many Spam Links

Back-links are important for every site but building too many links in a short time is going to hurt your website and now Google only counts links from high quality website so there is no point in building thousands of links in hope to rank higher just because your website has high number of links pointing to it.

8. Don’t Show Too Many Ads

Google will penalize you if you run too many adds on your website so try to use fewer ads on your site. Too many ads leads to a bad user experience and Google is taking this step seriously so follow this rule from today.

9. Using Hidden Text And Hidden Links

This is a very old SEO method that people used to rank higher on the search engines but now if you do is spam technique on your sites then I will give 100% guarantee that your site will get DE-indexed soon.

10. Check Google Webmaster Everyday

It is very important that you check your Google webmaster tools account everyday because it shows important details about your site and you will see alert if you website has any problem so adding webmaster tool will help you optimize your site for better search engine results.
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