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Writing Articles - Starting New Articles With A Repeatable Skeleton

Starting New Articles With A Repeatable Skeleton

Each article that I write for distribution via Internet article sites has these basic sections.

* Title
* Brief description
* Article text
* Author resource
* Keywords

I have set up a skeleton for new articles using a repeat text writer. With my Article Skeleton library file and Keyword Tree file, I can quickly start a new article that is structured and formatted identical to all of my previous articles. I do not have to be concerned with remembering and setting up all of the article sections. In addition, the Keyword Tree file contains all of the keywords I either have used or think I might use.
Selecting a list of keywords when generating each new article can be done with point and click ease.

The Steps To Starting A New Article

1. I start the repeat text writer program and select the library that contains my Article Skeleton file. A new article is started by clicking on the Article Skeleton file name in the repeat text writer's main window.

2. An "About The Author" list of blocks is displayed. From that list I select a set of pre-written author resource verbiage (with and without HTML) that best fits the new article. Normally, I select only one set of resource text; however, I can include more than one set if I think different resource text will be needed for different article sites. After selecting the resource text I want, I click OK.

3. An "Insert for Article Title" text writer window is displayed. In this window I can either write the article title or leave it blank so I can write the title later. Key phrases that I use often to start my titles are listed at the bottom of the window in the scratch pad listbox. I can start a title with one of these key phrases just by clicking on the phrase that I want. After I have completed my article title, I click OK.

4. An "Insert for Brief Description" text writer window is displayed. I can either write the article description here or leave this section blank for writing later. After I have completed the description, I click OK.

5. An "Insert for Article Text" text writer window is displayed. If the article is already written in my head, I write the article here. Normally, however, I leave this blank so I can compose the article text in WordPad. When I have completed the article text, I click OK.

6. A repeating prompt window for Keywords is displayed last. I click on the Tree List button and open my Keywords Tree file. All of my keywords are displayed in a hierarchal tree format. I can browse through the tree and select any keyword that I want to use with the new article. After selecting a keyword, I click OK. This returns me to the repeating prompt window where the newly selected keyword has been added to my article keyword list. For each additional keyword, I press the Enter key to skip to the next line and then click the Same button. This reopens the Keywords Tree window with the tree open to the branch (keyword) I last selected. I then select another keyword and repeat the process until my list of keywords is complete. Back in the repeating prompt window, after the list of keywords is complete, I click OK.

7. I do not have to use the Keywords Tree as the source for my article keywords. I can ignore the tree and manually enter all of the keywords. Or I can select keywords from the tree and also add new keywords manually. After finishing building a new article, if there were any new keywords that I added manually in the repeating prompt window, I immediately open my tree wizard and add the new keywords to the tree. Those new keywords will then be available in the Keywords Tree for point and click inclusion in all future articles.

Submitting Articles Is Copy And Paste

This completes the building of the new article which is placed on the clipboard by the repeat text writer. I open WordPad and paste the article into a new text document. After changing the document font to Courier New (the font used on article submission pages), I save the new article. If I skipped any of the sections while generating the article in the repeat text writer, I go back in WordPad and flesh out the article as needed.

To submit the new article to an article site, it's a simple matter of copying each section in the article and pasting the copied text into the submission page. So far, the sections in the skeleton I have has provided all information needed for each of the sites to which I submit except for the article category. Each site has it's own list of categories which makes including a category in the article skeleton unnecessary.
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