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Why Planning is Necessary for a Problogger

Blogging these days has become a serious profession. More and more bloggers these days are now turning towards a professional career as a blogger. And to be very honest, I adore everyone who has decided to become a pro blogger. To quit or reject a day job for a career as a blogger is sure a tough call and hats off to all those who have done this.

I am sure that all the pro bloggers would have considered various pros and cons and other mental and psychological aspect before they took this decision. And one of those steps would have been how would they plan their life and work in future? That’s why I chose this topic that why Planning is necessary?

Let us consider this. Mr. X has decided to become a pro blogger. He quits his day job and starts his new venture. He is a terrific writer and has enough to share with the blog-o-sphere and nobody has any doubt whether he will be successful or not. X starts his blog and the expected results started coming in. As a result, he decided to expand his business. When his friend Y asked his further planning, his reply was- “What planning? It is all in the head. I am my own boss and I know what to do and when to do.”

This is the biggest mistake a pro blogger can ever commit i.e. working without planning. Bloggers sometimes ignore planning. Their reply tallies with what X said above. You have to take planning seriously. The only way you can do this is by considering blogging as your day job.

In your day job, you always plan according to your daily and weekly schedule. Like you know that today, there is not much work load and you can come home early and do other things. As for weekly table, you know that your boss from the head office is visiting and it will be a tough week, so you postpone the party you were about to throw.

Same goes for the pro blogging way of living. Plan your week ahead so that you do not have to scramble for things at the eleventh hour. It is OK that you have everything in your head but ahead of schedule planning can give you the edge. Suppose you have a meeting with a client over internet after 2 days. You did not note it down and eventually missed it or forgot it for some stupid reason. This will do no good to your prospects as a pro blogger.

As a pro blogger, you always stay at home and it is possible that you are distracted by your family. Make sure this do not happen. Make your family understand that blogging is as serious as a day job and it is the source of your and their bread and butter. 

Do your work behind closed doors without distractions like TV, cell phone and songs. It is not necessary that you plan schedule again like day job i.e. 10-5. it is your discretion but it you who have to make sure that you do not miss anything.

Planning is necessary for every field and for a pro blogger; I keep it at the top priority. What are your views on this, guys?
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