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When Writing Articles For Distribution Be Sure To Target A Specific Audience

Writing Articles For Distribution 

Writing articles for redistribution through free article directories and announcemnet lists is a great way to promote your business.
By doing it properly you have a good chance of getting increased search engine traffic. More importantly if you do it right you articles can and will be picked up and published by large ezine publishers.

This can mean having your article sent out to literally tens of thousands of people all waiting to read information like you are publishing.

However you need to do it right. Website managers and ezine publishers have a lot at stake when they publish content or send out ezine to their client and subscriber lists.

They can’t afford to risk sending out junk that provides little or no value to their clients. They certainly can’t afford to risk sending out incorrect or non-functional advice.

So, if you expect to have your articles picked up and published, you need to make sure you do one thing very well.

You need to write articles that directly address the needs of a very specific audience.
That may seem very simple, but getting it right is critical to your success in publishing reprintable articles.

Using this article as a quick example, you will see that there is a very specific audience in mind, with a very specific concern being addressed.
Audience: People looking to promote their business via free reprint article distribution
Problem: How to get the best possible distribution - specifically getting published in large ezines and busy websites.

The goal of this article then is to help all of you fine folk understand how to better your chances of getting picked up by major players in your industry.

The first step is getting to know your market. Do this by participating in blog and forum discussions relevant to your market area.
Note common questions and problems people are asking about.
Browse through online market places like ebay and clickbank to get a sense of what products are available in your market already and see what problems they are claiming to solve.

You also need to get on the mailing lists of your competitors. See what it is that they are promoting and advising. This will give you valuable information about your market and what others feel are active trends.

Of course you should also subscribe to the RSS feeds or email announcement lists of free article directories.
You should be able to choose to get updates on only the categories that interest you.

This will give you a very clear idea of what is being published and targetted in your market on a daily basis.
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