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Using “Power” Words when Writing Articles

Capturing the attention of your reader is paramount when writing free articles.
You can make the greatest impact in capturing your readers’ attention by having a good title.
One of the ways to this is by using what I call ‘Power’ words.

By using these special words you can get the attention of your reader much more quickly and easily.
But what are these ‘Power’ words that I am talking about?
For me they are something that makes me read on.

Makes me want to find out more. Makes me want to find out what’s in it for me.
Power words are exciting words that draw the reader in.

For instance, the word powerful is a good power word. Exciting is another good power word.
I have a list of power words I like to use from time to time to make the greatest impact I can with my articles.

Here are a few of my power words from that list:


How about some examples of using these power words in the titles of articles.

Here are 3 examples:
17 Free Home Gardening Tips
An Exclusive Opportunity to Profit in Real Estate Developments
New Techniques Revealed for Stock Market Success
Do these titles grab your attention?
They should do, because they use power words. In fact, each title uses 2 power words for maximum effect.

One of the key objectives of an article writer is to get their article read by as many people as possible. The best way to do this is by having their articles featured in as many ezines and on as many web sites as possible.

When ezine owners and web site owners scan for articles to feature they usually make an initial decision based on just the title of the article.
By using power words you stand a much better chance of ezine owners and web site owners picking up your article.

Then you can multiply many times over the number of people who will read your article.
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