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Top 5 Factors for Local Search Engine Optimisation

Over the past Month I’ve been really enjoying doing some Local Search Engine Optimisation for my local Perth clients. If you wonder that this is, well, the techniques used to improve the search engine rankings for the website of a local business in a specific city or the local area is called local Search Engine Optimisation (Local SEO in short). This post will show you how you can get your website to rank very well with the search engines when people search for businesses like yours in your city, suburb or town.


As a whole, search engine optimisation is traditionally used for a broader reach within search engine results but this approach can be use to help business rank well within their local area. This post will reveal the five most important factors for local search engine optimisation and getting ranked within your immediate area.

Factor #1: Local Long-Tail Keywords on your Website

Discover the long-tail keywords you will be using for your business through the Google Keyword Tool. Search for relevant terms for your business and then make sure you add your “city”, “state”, “postal code” and nearby locations to improve your long-tail phrases. Use your keywords on your web pages, body copy, links and more. Diversify your keyword usage but always aim to rank well for the main term that will bring you the greatest traffic based on the results shared by the Google Keyword Tool.

Factor #2: Contact Information on your Website

Seize every opportunity to put your contact information on your business website. Use the website sidebar to include contact information such as your phone number, business address and other forms of communication. Utilize your footer to list your business address as well. Include a contact page with integrated Google Maps for people to easily find and contact your business.

Factor #3: Listing your Business on Local Web Directories

List your business on local directory websites and services. Get started by listing your business in Google Places and then make your way through other services such as Yahoo Local, True Local and Bing. Entry into these local directories takes no more than a few minutes each; it can be done in about an hour. Having a listing in the major directories will greatly help your overall search engine standings in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Bonus tip: Encourage your customers to write a review about your business in the local web directories; this improves your placement in search results.

Factor #4: Inbound Links to your Website

Build backlinks to your website using local keywords such as “city” + “business industry” as anchor text. Build links from relevant sources such as local forums, relevant industry blogs, high Page Rank websites, news sources and more. Diversify your link building strategy by using different keywords for your links; this helps your website rank well for many terms instead of over optimising for just one.

Factor #5: Geo Tagging within Local Area

The categorisation of your website is a smaller but vital factor of local search engine optimisation. List your business within its correct industry to ensure your website is well represented by what people would generally find you under. Open your business website up to allow people to check-in and geo tag you using online services such as Gowalla or Foursquare.

Conclusion for Local Search Engine Optimisation

Compared to the broader approach to search engine optimisation, getting ranked in the local listings is much easier to achieve because of the long-tail keywords, an exact location of your business and the lack of overall competition in your city or town.

Consider each of the following factors for your website so it does the best it can in local search results; don’t skip out on the factors that matter especially when there are only a few that you need to do to get the maximum results.

If you need help with Local Search Engine Optimisation to get your website to rank well for local searches in your city just contact me and from Perth, Australia, I would love to be able to help you.
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