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Top 10 Blogging Mistakes That Spoils Your Blog

Mistakes plays an brilliant role in the path of success.
As the old philosophy says that Mistakes are the milestones to success, these lines have an impact on blogging platform too.

Suppose if you want to execute an C program on your PC, first you will find the errors in your program and then fix it and thus leads to a successful output.
In the same way, there are nearly 10 common mistakes that every bloggers do and to achieve success, it is necessary to know these mistakes and avoid them.

I have a lot of thoughts to speak out but i am not getting enough time to post them due to my exams. So while starting the pro series of SEO strategies, i am writing this post in order to make you understand the common mistakes in blogging world and then plan about the pro SEO strategies you should adopt for promoting your blog high.

So let me start with the mistakes first before going to the pro SEO series and don't forget to subscribe with your Email to be updated with the future posts.

Top 10 Blogging Mistakes That Spoils A Blog::


Mistake #1:  Stealing The Content

 The biggest mistake that huge bloggers perform is, stealing the content from other blogs, website and pasting them on their blog. This is one of the biggest mistake by which your blog will never get any value or readership. This brings no worth to your blog. Stealing the content from others never brings you success even if you blog till death!!!. So never try to copy the content from others.


Mistake #2:  Short Temper

The key to be a successful blogger lies in the patience of the blogger. Blogging really needs lack of patience and the one with the aim of achieving success in just a day can never achieve success. The biggest weapon of the newbie blogger to achieve success is lack of Patience as he faces lot of difficulties and challenges being a newbie blogger. Short Temper leads to nothing but quitting the blogging platform.


Mistake #3: Blogging Without A Goal

 Why are you blogging for?, Why should you blog?, Whats the goal of your blog?. Do you have answers for this!!. If not, its no use of blogging because blogging without a goal is like diving into an ocean to reach the other end without knowing to swim!!. So first choose your destiny and start your blogging journey.


Mistake #4:  Multiple Niches

A blog should target single niche to be successful under that niche. Targeting multiple niches brings no worth. So before starting a blog, be sure about your blog niche and never try to post about multiple niches on the same blog. Always make sure that your blog becomes a library of a single niche.


Mistake #5:  Lack Of Knowledge

Don't ever forget that content is the king in blogging platform. Many bloggers choose to blog about a niche in which they have short of knowledge and require lack of knowledge about it. To achieve success in blogging, you should always choose a blog niche in which you may not be an expert but have some better knowledge. But be smart in choosing a blog niche which is more vast so that you get more things to blog about your selected niche.


Mistake #6:  Irritating Blog Design

Outlook is very important in this technology world. Your blog's design plays an child play with the patience of the visitors and slow loading, irritating design of your blog may surely make your blog visitors to never visit your blog again in future. Thus a big loss in readership and audience. So avoid using more number of third party widgets that slow downs your blog loading speed and show your smartness in designing a fast loading elegant blog.


Mistake #7:  Unaware Of Basic SEO

To let search engines index and crawl your blog efficiently, knowing the basic SEO tactics is highly mandatory. The main objective of your blog is to get maximum readers and if you are unaware of basic SEO strategies, then your newly born blog will suffer from low traffic and thus wont gets exposed to new visitors as the major source of traffic for each and every blog comes from search engines.


Mistake #8:  Use Of Extraordinary English

Write your posts in a brilliant and simple words and never hope that, using extraordinary english in your blog posts brings you more traffic or reputation. In fact, using extraordinary words in your blog leads to loss of readers as they are not able to understand your extraordinary english. As blogging is an entire world concept and peoples from the whole globe reads it, your blog should be simple for each and every visitors to read and understand your words.


Mistake #9:  Updating Your Blog Monthly Or Yearly

The powerful phrase "Content is the king of SEO" again matters here. Peoples always likes and rushes towards the blogs which will be updated regularly and never likes to read the still old contents of a blog daily. So if you seriously want to be a successful blogger then there is no other powerful SEO than posting regularly.


Mistake #10:  Blog Full of Grammar Mistakes

Do you wont revise your blog after writing each post!!. If not, be sure to revise your blog post once or twice      
after writing each post to avoid grammatical errors as it plays an effective role on readers of your blog. 
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