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Tips to Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Every Blogger of making money through the Adsense has to remember that the one of the most important thing is acquiring some important attractive Ads to be placed in you blog. Then only you can earn more. The placement of advertisements is a main accept to improve the revenue. In this content I a m going to discuss some better Adsense placements and good performance the Ad units from my research to increase Google Adsense Revenue.
A description about improve Google Adsense Revenue
Tips to improve the Google Adsense Revenue:
Your Adsense earnings are mainly according on following functionalities.
1. Improving the rate of traffic.
2. Increasing clicks that comes under Cost Per Click(CPC)
3. Prove rating come with click Through Rate (CTR).
Here we are going to discuss the so many ways to increase all the above noted main functionalities so that your Adsense Income will also get energetically.

Better actions done by Ad Units:

When comparing g the size of Ad unit remember that Big Ad units are better on perform when compared to small Ad units
Some of the best performing ad units are having the various sizes of 300*250,336*280,300*600,160*600.
Recently 300*600 (Half Page Ad) was the best available size of Ad unit.

Better Ads Placement is a concept:

Better way of publishing Ads placement is the very important functionality for getting high rate of CRT. The e way if posting Ads is
Good manner of proper way in Ads Placement

Getting the top chair of Posts below Title:

  • This is the most preferred place to get great number of clicks.
  • Ad units as 300*250,336*280,468*60 and 728*90 will get better performance.

After ending the Post:
  • This is the best place to get high CTR as per my research.
  • Place a ad unit just under the place left inclined.
  • Here is strongly Advice to you to use only such type of 336*280 Ad Unit.
In Between the publishing:
  • You have to write lengthy text or Banners between the posts can provide the CRT.
Use Maximum Number of Ad Units:
  • To earn more revenue from Adsense you must use the more Ads on your site. Google Ad sense allows 3 Banners and 3 Test links on every Page.
  • Premium Adsense publishers can use up to 6 Banner Ads per page. Another way to show more than 3 ads per page is via Google Double Click.
Some impacts of Aspects to consider:
  • I suggest that the posting Ads in the process of Adsense can improve the Ctc. To earn only the Ctc is more important as well as to maintain traffic according to your location that are lain the ads in the pages. The you are allowed to make more money through the Google Ad sense.
Include High CPC Keywords in your Articles:
  • To increase the Google Ad sense revenue we have to show the ads associated to the keywords in the content. If you include some new keywords like Buy Laptops, Buy Antivirus then obviously improve the high CPC ads will be displayed.
  • I recommend you to check Google Ad words that are Keywords tool to check out the CPC of each keyword.
To get the traffic at US/Canada:
  • US, UK, Canada visitors CPC is very great. So if you can write contents on the target of these nations then you can make money from not only Google Ad sense but also from many other Advertisements.
Remember it do not Place Ads Side By Side:
  • Remove locating ads side by side particularly on top and bottom of the posts.
Use Text Link Ads under Menu bar:
  • Text Link ads under menu bar will exhibits well as they resemble categories of a blog.
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