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There Are Some Pitfalls in Using Free Blogs

Some Pitfalls in Using Free Blogs

The world of blogging has become a serious place. In many circles it has almost become a fashion statement to run your own blog, and for good reason.
But as online publishers, by the thousands, scramble to create new themed blogs every day, there are some pitfalls associated in using many of the so-called free blog services available.

Many bloggers use a free blogging service to support their first entry into the field. Naturally, this makes a great deal of sense for someone starting out.
Free providers do offer some extremely simple to use and relatively competant and dynamic platforms. Furthermore, avoiding a financial expense certainly reduces the risk concerned to an absolute bare minimum.

Free blog hosting services can be a great way to introduce oneself to the concept of blogging and to discern a little bit concerning the process.

Nevertheless, they are usually (With some exceptions, using the right methods) a poor choice for those hoping to generate any substantial blogging income.

There are simply too numerous pitfalls associated with their use and functionality.

For a start, many free blogs hamstring the user’s capacity to utilize one of the greatest and most effective ways of producing a profit via blogging, namely; Adsense. 

Different free blog hosts offer the free blog and server room in exchange for the display of their own Adsense ads. The terms of service directly disallow the user from featuring any additional contextual ads. This is how the free services develop their revenue, and the prohibition makes complete sense to the providers, who are essentially still providing a free service to the blog owner.
However, it takes one very powerful mechanism out from the blogger’s moneymaking armory.

Second, whenever one adopts a free service they hand over mastery of their Web page to a large degree. 

This is not just a matter of ads or content restrictions which one may be able to generate an income. The void of mastery has far reaching implications which are far more serious. Blogger.com, for pattern, is known to commonly freeze and/or revoke blogs altogether for unknown grounds.
Those blogs just disappear and a great deal of effort vanishes with them.

Further, lesser-acknowledged services may be severely hindered or given restricted potential and may just go down – taking the blogs straight down the drain with them. 

Third, there is the issue of credibility. Whether it’s right or wrong, surfers appear to accord a major measure of credibility to (and are accordingly more likely to visit) sites which have their own URLs. A blog which is an obvious sub domain at a free host can cause likely guests and customers wary of a blog’s credibility and can register an adverse effect on fruitfulness.

Finally, there is the matter of flexibility. 

Different free blog services limit your options in agreement of appearance and may use platforms which unavail different elements which can potentially aid in fruitfulness. For part, the blogs at Blogger.com tend to lack the variety of categories appearing in their Wordpress equivalents.

Further free services may offer only a few templates which can only be tweaked ever so moderately. In order to behave optimally, one need be equipped to append any and all appropriate changes to their moneymaking blog.

You can find a variety of competant and dynamic blogging programs which won’t charge you a dime. The competitive fields of hosting and domain registration cause owning your own allotment of cyberspace surprisingly affordable.
Which means the present context, enlisting a free blogging service as a method to launch part of your online business, just does not make the best of sense.

The least expense required to own and effectively run your own World Wide Web documents is an absolute steal when one considers the drawbacks associated with the flipside.
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