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SEO Tips For Newbie Bloggers


SEO Tips For Newbie 

This post helps you know "How to kick-start your new blogger blog??".

Before reading this post, i want you to know what is Google Honeymoon Period and if you are not aware of it, then please know it before reading this post.

OK, lets hope that you are aware of what is Google honeymoon period. If so, i hope you have got some better ideas on  what are the major advantages that newbie bloggers get in this Google honeymoon period!!. . 
The main concept of this post is to explain how to Kick-start your new blog being in Google honeymoon period and let me come to the topic.
As you have studied the concept of Google honeymoon period, you know that Google have lot of love over the new blogs on web and Google places these new blogs on the first page of Google SERPS within a day and your new blog stays on the first page of Google for a day, two days or a week sometimes. 
Aren't you getting some ideas while knowing this??!! . .Isn't Google Honeymoon period a biggest advantage??!!. . OK let me tell it myself. 
As your new blog stays in first page of Google SERPS due to the love of Google on your blog, Just boost your blog traffic and show its grand entry and presence to maximum web surfers as much as  possible in this short span of love with Google. 
This is possible by posting maximum number of quality posts per day and when you are in Google honeymoon Period, Google will crawl and index your blog posts so amazingly that even i myself got amazed. 
One more advantage is that all your new blog posts takes place at the first page of Google SERPS and you are the hero in these short span booming like a storm on the first page of Google within a single day of creating your blog!!. 
Your blog gets a good kick-start depending on how many quality posts you publish in this short span of time. As your blog will be atleast of some good posts and as it appears on the first page of Google, huge websurfers will definitely bookmark your blog and when Google places you to your original position in Google SERPS after this Google honeymoon period, your blog will be not thrown to some corner of google and even though your blog is new, it will occupy some better place in Google SERPS except the first and second page of google SERPS.
The real fight for ranking your blog high in Google SERPS starts now and this ensures that Google not left your hand completely after the end of love between Google and your newbie blog. 
One more thing you can notice is, Google now not indexes your new blog posts as fast as your blog posts was getting indexed when you was in Google Honeymoon period, but let google index your new blog posts slowly because if you have understood the logic of this post, then you will have already posted many posts being in Google honeymoon period and google have already indexed all your blog posts except this new posts and your blog have already managed to catch eyes of many visitors. 
Where as Any visitor can come to conclusion that your blog is not at all a worthless blog and it is worth while having many quality posts in just few days.
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