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SEO Pyramid: 3 Principles Optimization

SEO stands or falls on three main principles

These should be known by anyone who is involved in internet projects.
Avoiding unnecessary kicking SEO activities as well as from his position can support the SEO without it took him a bounty of extra time.


Technical condition and accessibility

Search web site needs to first find and properly handle its content.
Recognize title, body, discover what are the figures. If his technical problems undermine the legs, harder competition catches up.


Search for answers to questions your visitors. The more questions you answer, the more often your site will be included among the search results.
To better understand the content of a search engine, it should be properly structured.


Search appears on the first position of the sites which they think is the best of all. It decides mainly depending on which site is most popular on the Internet. I.e.
The more and the more influential sites on site links, the better.
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