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Post Onpage SEO Techniques for Blogger

Now in this post I will teach you the most important Onpage SEO techniques for  blogger BlogSpot. I have noted this error in many blogs that’s way I am writing an easy and understand able post. This is especially for newbie bloggers. Some of my blogger friends don’t know what actually onpage SEO is.

Now here are some steps to do bitter SEO in your post. Because when you writing or creating your post. You must have to keep it in your mind. Which I am going to explaining. These steps is very important for newbie blogger to read it carefully. Remember Search engines search first Title then Post URL and the lastly Description.
  • Page Titles
  • Body Tags (hi, h2, h3, h4 etc…_)
  • Meta Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL Structure
  • Image SEO

Onpage SEO Techniques for Blogger Page Titles

Onpage SEO Techniques for Blogger # one make your page titles unbeatable. Page Title is the head of post. When search engines getting result. They first search post title. So that’s way I called it as head. Page Title is on the most important part of your web page. Page titles plays most important role in SEO rank. As I told you search engines search your title first.

Here is you will note to make your title attract able responsive and SEO friendly. Keep it in your mind your titles must be less than form 70 character. Because most of search engine search only up to 70 character length. I recommend keeping up 60 – 65 character page title length. And show your post all in your page title. What actually your post about… You can find your title also through many tools like Google Trends, Google Adwords, Webtext tool etc..

Body Tags (hi, h2, h3, h4 etc…_)

This is the second onpage seo techniques for blogger BlogSpot. As I told you in upper paragraph about page title. Body tags are also very important like page titles. Because search engines mostly give value to more Body tags post. When search engines searching for quires.

This is small and fast process doing by robot. They try to find most correct result for users. So in this step I will teach how many Body tags you can use in your web page or post?
Friends you Body tag is also Maximum 70 character long. Body tags should up to 5 in every post.
  • H1 should be only one know as heading in blogger.
  • H2 should be 1 up to 4 or 5 known as subheading in blogger.
  • H3 should be 2 known as minor heading in blogger.

Meta Title Tag

Meta title tag is play most important role in SEO. As I show you the procedure of making SEO title. Now the next step. Show that title to search engines. If you don’t know how to show you your title to search engines. Don’t worry in this step you will learn. When search engines launched they create a tag for keyword for finding in search quires. This tag is called Meta keyword tag.

Now days this tag is not working. Search engines launched another title instead of Meta keywords tag. Which is called Title Tag? This tag will help search engines to search you complete tag during searching. Below I have given this Title tag. Must add it in your blogger theme to help search engines to find you titles during searching. This tag will help to solve custom 404 errors.

Follow these steps to Add Title Tag to Blogger

  • First of all open your desired blogger dashboard.
  • Now Go to Theme option on Dashboard.
  • After clicking on the Theme Option a new page will open Here Click on Edit Html.
  • Again a new page will open. Now Click Ctrl + F from your keyboard for search box.
  • Now find <head>.
  • After finding <head> tag. Past the below code below / after the <head> tag.
  • And Save Theme or Template
  • That’s all…!
Copy Title Tag from here.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;’>
Page Not Found | <data:blog.title/>
Remember:- First look this tag in your blogger Theme at below <head>. If you found then don’t need to add it again.

Meta Description

Meta Description is also very important onpage SEO technique for blogger BlogSpot. Because when search engine searching quires for users. After Title the second option to find quires that is description. Now in step I will give some tips to make you description seo friendly. But remember keep the character length of description up to 150 or less. Because most of search engines search only 150 or less description only. I have given you a tag which will help search engine to find your description during searching.

Creating Description in Blogger-BlogSpot.
Here is two type of description in your blog. One is Page description.
  • To set this Description.
  • Login to your blogger.
  • Go>>Post>Edit Post.
And click on Search Description. Now here in box type your page description. Only 150 characters or less.
Second is Blog or website Description. To set this Description.
  • Login your blogger dashboard.
  • Go>>Setting>Basic.
  • Click on Edit in-front of Description.

And type your blogger description. But less than 150 character. And show to visitor what actually your blog about is…
Now the step shows you description to Search engines. This tag will help search engine to find your description.
  • Login your blogger dashboard.
  • Go>> Them or Template>Edit Html.
  • After clicking on Edit Html. Code page will open.
  • Click in code area and press Ctrl + F from your keyboard.
  • And Find <head> tag. Past the Tag Below/After <head> tag.
  • And Finally Save Theme.
  • Now you did it.

Show your description to search engine with the help of this tag.
Copy it form here. Don’t edit.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.metaDescription’>
<meta expr:content=’data:blog.metaDescription’ itemprop=’description’/>
Remember:- In mostly blogger designer has been added this tag. First check it below this <head>. If you did not found then past it.

SEO URL Structure

Post URL plays main role in SEO. URL or link is great factor of search engines. If your URL or link is SEO ready then you can get ranked in search engines. Remember as I told you in upper section search engines consist on robot. Robot check only desired spots like Post description, Post Title, Post Url or link. Make your post URL sweet, easy and short. Don’t make it ugly. Show your post keyword in post URL and don’t use any stop word or hyphens example: a and, the, of, underscore or comma etc…

Image Optimization.

Search engines or consist on many categories like Images, video, Text etc. The crawlers are also indexing image or photos. But your will help them to find your images for indexing by adding Alt Text or Alt Attribute. When you upload a image by clicking on them a massage will appear Click on them and add your Alt Text. Remember in Alt Text use your post keyword or rich words.


Thank you for following us. In this post we are giving you the most important onpage SEO techniques. BTN is providing you high quilty contents for your website. If you have any problem contact us we will solve it for you. That’s very gladness for us to do your task.
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