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Onpage Optimization


Onpage Optimization

Keywords – what is the keyword relevance, traffic, competitiveness, long tail principle, where to find the keywords tool where to insert keywords

Onpage optimization – what is it, onpage factors, Ideal Home

URL – URL of the individual, the choice of the domain, subdomain, SEF URL should look like the perfect URL

Title – Creation title (proper use of keywords), the optimal duration, brand engagement, clickthrough rate, structure

Meta tags – meta keywords (past?), Meta description and other resources descriptions in search results, meta robots

Headlines – header tags H1 to H6 how to properly structure the text

Pictures – Image Search, how to properly describe images to ensure indexing, other factors

Content – SEO copywriting, keyword density ?, What is UGC?

Structure – how to properly design the structure of the Web to show important search page

Navigation – different types of navigation the web, html sitemap, breadcrumbs, etc., Max. 100 links on this page?


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