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Keyword Stuffing: How to avoid it

Most of newbie bloggers when they start blogging, they have just simple concepts and no proper skills and that’s is what I didn’t want from them because I didn’t want to see their failure in their start. I always advice to my fell0ws that learn first properly from any institute and for blogging, there are a lot of probloggers and blogging websites where you can learn blogging easily on each aspect of blogging.

But the fact is that after one month of learning, mostly people start thinking that it is enough and now they should start blogging but this is not good thing for your career. It is true that no one is master and we all are still learning but the difference is of experience and experience come form mistake that you do.

When I start blogging a year ago, I also have same thoughts and no one there who really help so I start a blog and which fails badly. Although this me experience and then I learn again from probloggers and other sources. This is exactly what I didn’t want from because once you fail, you might loose your passion which is key to success.

Today, I am focusing on mistake that most of newbie bloggers don’t know and  as a Google penalize their blog. In most of cases, keyword stuffing is the main reason which you should avoid. Most of newbie actually didn’t know what is keyword stuffing ?
Keyword stuffing is happen when you repeat same keywords in a blog post and do this in every post so Google called it keyword stuffing.
In the past mostly use this to get higher rank in search engine but now you can’t this as it is consider as unethical way. Below I am going to explain some tips which are really helpful in avoiding this.

Write Naturally

This is one of best way to avoid this problem. Writing in such a way that you allow your words to flow from your mouth and word come into your mind automatically. You can achieve this by researching on a topic thoroughly and then write about it. If you are using artificial words, then it is very difficult to gain the attraction of visitors as it seems awkward.

Only one Keyword

By using this formula one can easily avoid this. When you start  writing an article then keep in mind that you have to put just one keyword in post title, post description, and always maintain keyword density 3-4% in the article as this give you best result in search engine. On WordPress blog, you can do it very easily as plugin works there while on Bloggers blog you have to maintain it by yourself.

Don’t put too many Keywords

While writing articles mostly newbies have no ideas and sometime they unintentionally put too many keywords in their articles. You just have to focus only one keywords and write about it. Putting too many keyword is not good and in this ways you can’t write a great article. Only tell you user those things which are related to your article. Irrelevant keywords can harm your blog so always avoid from them.

Keyword stuffing is a workable area for newbie and from the start of your blog you should work on it to get better result in future. I hope you find this helpful so share it with other to increase their knowledge and let me know that what
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