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Increase Adsense Revenue By Reducing Out-Bound Links

Increase Adsense Revenue

We all want to increase our adsense revenue, squeezing every last cent out of our traffic. We tweak our ad placement, ad colours and pore over our adsense statistics.
We work like maniacs to get back-links, promoting our sites, tweaking our code to give the search engines what they want.

We slave over content, punching out page after page of keyword rich content, testing our keyword combinations, trying every little trick we can to bring in as much revenue as possible into our adsense account.

We pore over site stats, seeing where traffic comes from, which pages visitors leave our site from, how many page views we get per visitor, and try to work out ways to increase our eCPM.

But are we missing something? Site visitors come, and go, without clicking an adsense ad. We can see where they go, but why?

Could it be that you are providing them with too many options to leave your page?
Logic would suggest that if you are in a room with 10 doors, each door has a 10% chance of being the door you leave by.

By following this logic, we should reduce the number of ways a visitor can leave our site. If we only have one or two outbound links, plus a couple of adsense ad units, we are greatly reducing the number of options the visitor has to leave the site, thus making the odds that they click an adsense ad greatly improved.

And we all know what higher click-through rates mean – more adsense income from the same amount of traffic!
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