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How To Write Good SEO Related Articles in blogger

Hello Bloggers , Optimizing a blogger post means to make it search engine friendly and get it into search engine ranking . Although when  we taking about SEO we control  on both on page and off page seo .where On page seo cover the quality article its keywords and meta descriptions . below it the basic SEO terminology to make blog post seo friendly.


Blog Post Title:

Blog post title plays a vital role in search engine ranking . when search any keyword in search engines the blog title shows in serps so optimizing post title is very crucial. For optimizing a post title its must be 70 character in length .and main and secondry keyword must be present .Also you can make some changes in HTML to make it more SEO friendly.

Go to the Html section FIND
Replace it with

b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

And save this now each individual post have post title which is more seo friendly rather than previous home page title.

Post Url Link: 

The permalink of a blog post plays major role in search engine ranking .so by doing some changing we can make it search engine friendly. Remove the stop word and unwanted phrase from url and add primary keyword in it . while writing a blog post in blogger there is a option to automatic and manual permalink in right side of blog post, select manual permalink edit and add main keyword that its.

Meta Descriptions: The meta description also play a important role to get into serps, like title tags because description also present out there in serps ,so write a good meta description with keywords . and meta description length should not be more than 160 character.

Image Optimization: if You are writing a  killer article and not even added a single images on it . its board the readers  and seo. You can optimize the the images adding alt tags on it .see the below examples

< serc img= “seo” alt=”text”>

Keyword Density: 

keyword density is important aspects to better ranking maintain the ratio of keyword 3% in the articles . stuffing the keyword hurts the seo in long run. Add only necessary keyword in the post to make it search engine friendly .Internal  links: providing internal links to post will boost the ranking .also its help to get more views to increase alexa rank which has own importance in seo industries. Link the post to each other with ancher  text .  use google plus comment section in blog post because it is one of the top search engine factors.

Here we have covered all the basic guides to optimize a blogger blogs for better search engine rankings .

Just you need to care of your quality articles and its keywords and all seo process will go forward and direct simple .If any suggestion you want then feel free to ask in comment. I will solve all problem related to optimizing a blogger post.
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