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How To Submit Articles For Massive Traffic

Submit Articles For Massive Traffic

As you perhaps already know, article submissions can drive a huge amount of traffic to your web site for months if not years.

The first step is obviously to get a good article written, with a suitable resource box at the end containing a link to your site to drive traffic to your site.

But without submitting your article effectively, all this hard work will be of little benefit.
In this article, you’re going to find out exactly how to submit your articles in exactly the same way as people like Terry Dean, Joe Vitale, and Jim Edwards have done before you.

And there’s no reason why you can’t achieve a similar level of success with your own article submissions.

There are three main distribution channels for your articles that you should concentrate on:

1. Ezine Editors

You need to find editors who publish ezines in the same ‘category’ as your article - for example, if your expertise, and your web site, focuses on gardening, you should be submitting your articles to editors of ezines in the same genre (of course, only if they accept article submissions).

To build up your list, you need to scour ezine directories for ezines within your genre, check each ezine to see if they accept article submissions, and then double check with each editor to confirm that their details are correct, and that they still accept article submissions - you will unfortunately find many of the listings are out of date, and some ezines are no longer published at all for whatever reason.

2. Announcement Lists

Another way to contact hundreds, if not thousands, of potential publishers, is through what we call article announcement lists.
An article announcement list is a type of mailing list that concentrates on article submissions.

The subscribers of the mailing list are either publishers looking for content, providers of that content (i.e. article writers such as yourself), or possibly both.

Every article you submit to these lists get sent to all of the subscribers of that list - by submitting to multiple lists, you’re effectively sending out your article to thousands of potential publishers.

3. Article Directories

There are numerous such article directories on the web that allow you to submit your articles, and allow subsequent retrieval by publishers. I’ve located several of them.
After submitting an article to some of these, I’m often amazed at the amount of instant traffic and sales it can bring, often because many of the directories display a ‘Recent Articles’-type listing which dramatically improves the profile of your article for a short period after your submission.

I’ve now shown you exactly how to go about submitting your article all over the Internet, exactly the same methods used by people who are now considered to be ‘gurus’ on the Internet.
Yes, it can be hard work - but who said success was easy?
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