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How To Stop Spam Comments On My Blog


How To Stop Spam Comments

Tired of deleting spam comments on your blog? If you are like me then I can understand how it feels but don’t worry cause I am going to give you a solution that will help you to stop 99% of the spammers that are trying to abuse your blog.

There are many methods you can use to stop spammer but if you are a busy guy like me then i would prefer to use a WordPress plugin that helps my blog to get rid of spammers.
The plugin that I am going to mention here is a very simple and powerful plugin that you can use against comment spammers.

The plugin that I am talking about is WP-Spam Free it’s a very easy to use plugin that even my grandma can install it all you have to do is just upload it and activate it.

There are plenty of features this plugin has so you may check the plugin official site to know more about it.
I can guarantee that after installing this plugin your website will be much more secure from comment spammers, so have a spam free day.
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