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How To Increase Youtube Subscribers On New Channel

As everyone knows that YouTube is one of the top platforms where a person can watch, upload, and can make revenue- from his own created videos. Every youtuber always think about the subscribers, because subscribers can gave his videos a great watch time, likes, share, comments and also the more subscribers are the source to make more money on YouTube by videos.

As you know that nowadays the competition is tough on YouTube platform. And many new you-tuber start his YouTube channel with best wishes but many time they failed. And they stop work on his channel because they did not get any viewers on his videos and also not any Subscribers. Today I am writing about the top working tips to increase YouTube subscribers which is workable.

How to Increase YouTube subscribers on a new channel

 The first thing – Trust on him self

The first thing to make your career on YouTube. That you trust himself and you also trust on your work that your videos are workable. For example if you uploading your best experience about anything in shape of videos. And in real your videos is best but your videos not getting any views. Then what you will do?

Many youtuber’s failed due stop working, so if your channel not getting any subscribers then don’t worry about this.

Always try your best and the days will come soon that you will be a successful youtuber with great number of subscribers.

Always do your best

If you are making a video about any topic, first search on you tube on same topic. And watch other videos and get ideas about your topic then make a video which is best then other. And if you cannot make best videos then other youtubers. Then Do your best and (IN SHA ALLAH) your next video will be better than your first video. This will increase your experience….. And the day will come soon that you will make YouTube videos better than other. This will help you to get more subscribers because if someone watch your video. He will subscribe your channel for more videos.

Chose always Low competition topic

If you are beginner then do not work on those topics, on which many other videos is already uploaded by other. So Always work on low competition topic. This is one of the best point to increase YouTube subscribers.

Guide People about Subscription

Many people come to YouTube platform to watch the new videos in which they are interested but they did not know about the subscription. So always tell you viewers in end of video that “if you like this video and wants to watch more new videos like this then subscribe my channel. This is free”. This message is just an example however you can use your own best attractive words to force someone to subscriber you channel.

Daily Uploads Videos to Your channel

For a new youtuber the daily upload is just like backbone. If you are new then always upload more the 5 videos daily on low competition topic and work fast then other. This a just like a black magic
Trick to get more views and subscribers.

Tell about your next video

Always tell people about your next activity. If someone here that you are making the next video which he/she required, he will subscribe your channel for next video. So remember that in last also tell about your next video that your next video is about?

YouTube Video SEO

The search engine optimization is very important for any YouTube channel to increase YouTube subscribers. So make your videos ready to get the first position on YouTube search. For that I suggest you the to use your keyword in your video title, description and add related tags. However i will make a post about his topic soon.

Add YouTube subscription button on your blog

This can boost your subscriber’s number by just adding a subscription button on your website/blog. When someone visits your blog and he feel your work is wonderful. He will wants to touch with you on YouTube and he will able to subscribe your channel for just clicking on your SUB button.

Add Direct Subscription link in Blog post

This is also a workable tip to boost your Subs on YouTube. For example you write a post and in post you talk about that I will upload a complete series of videos about this topic of the day and for that you must sub to my channel. So the interested viewers always want to watch your videos and for videos they will subscribe your channel by using your direct sub link.

Upload your attractive Custom thumbnail

Always design a right thumbnail which can force people to click on your video. But don’t a fake-
Custom thumbnail. For example your video is about the Blogging and you upload some other topic thumbnail. This can drop your channel rank on zero, so don’t use any wrong and fake-
Method to get more views.

Answer peoples comments & Questions

Always answer people’s comments. This will make a relationship between you and users. And when a new user comes to your videos and he/she saw that you are answering comments the he will also do comment and there are 80% chances of subscribe.

Share your videos on social media

Also share your videos on social media, like facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. This will grow your channel in a short time. Here I want to give you a tip. Go and open facebook and join your related topic groups. And then share your video on groups. This will bring many visitors on your video and may be some subscribers.

Promote Your Channel

As everyone know that money have a big power. And if you spending some money on your YouTube channel then there are 90 % subscription speed is waiting for your channel. You can promote your YouTube channel on YouTube, Facebook etc. However there many platforms which offer to promote your channel but it’s depending on you that where you want to promote your channel.


I hope after these workable tips to increase YouTube subscribers, now you will be ready to start you channel again if you stop working on your channel. And you will soon get you subscribers in a short time. Do comments about this post and also share on your social media profiles.
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