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How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin

Knowing that Facebook is number 1 in the world when it comes to visitors number, more and more bloggers are focusing on finding ways to present their blogs to Facebook users.
Almost every blog has a “Share this on Facebook” button, and on Facebook there are Networked blogs, where you can syndicate your blog and so much more.

I ran into this neat little plugin, used on this blog as well, called Facebook Comments for WordPress.
We are all aware that there are people reading our blogs who are not bloggers themselves. They won’t care about commenting when they need to enter their e-mail and have no idea what to put in as their website.

So they don’t comment. But knowing that Facebook has 520 millions of users (according to USAtoday), don’t you think that you are loosing a comment or two (and maybe a reader or two) because you are not making it easy for them?

Installing this plugin is as easy as installing any plugin. There’s just one extra thing to do, that’s to get a Facebook ID but the instructions are pretty clear and you won’t miss it.
After you have installed and activated the plugin, the fun starts.
Now you make it possible for everyone who has a Facebook account to comment on your post easy. If they are already logged in Facebook, all they need to do it type in the comment and press the button icon smile How to Get the Maximum out of Facebook Comments Plugin .

Here is the nicest feature of this plugin. There is a check box that is automatically checked (and that we hope people won’t uncheck) called “Post comment to my Facebook profile”.
When someone comments on your post and presses the Post button, it will automatically post their comment to their Facebook wall and include a link back to your blog as well.

How can you maximize this to benefit you?

Let’s not talk about what visitors to your blog will do, because you can’t make anyone post the comment on their wall if they don’t want to do it.

There is something you can do that can bring you 2 benefits:
  1. get your blog better exposure on Facebook
  2. get more non-bloggers to comment on your blog using this plugin (meaning more links from Facebook)
Reply to every comment, make the reply worth reading and post it on Facebook.
Yes, I know there isn’t a cool looking reply option, but talk to the person you are replying to. If Maria left a comment using this plugin, start your reply with “Maria, …”.

Post the comment to your Facebook wall. You are getting the link and people can see that you actually communicate with your readers.
New visitors who are considering if they should comment will see that you communicate with the readers and they are more likely to comment on the post.

The most important thing is how you comment! Make your comment worth reading on Facebook. If you reply with “Thanks for the comment” and post it on Facebook, how do you think that will look on your wall?
No one will know what is it all about!

Make the comment interesting, answer the whole question so it is clear what the question was in the first place… just make the comment worth reading on Facebook. Make it useful for everyone!

Have one thing in mind: a person reading your comment posted on Facebook wall didn’t read the post, has no idea what it is about. So for you to drag them into coming to your blog and reading the post, you need to make a comment that will be a reply to the commentator and at the same time a sort of invitation to those who see it on Facebook.

If people see a comment like that on your wall (or their news feed) they are more likely to come and check out your post.
Do the same thing when you are commenting on other blogs. Write a nice comment and post it on Facebook. Not only you will be helping other bloggers but you will be building your reputation with the great comments you make.
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