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How To Get Banned From Google Adsense

Today I am Telling About the ways For Getting Banned From Google Adsense And How Can You Prevent From These Causes.  As you know That Adsense is the best way to earn money online but many alternatives are available here but mostly all blogger give’s the preference to Google Adsense Because The CPM and CTR Is Very High As compared to other advertising programs be it buysellads, adbrite, chitika and infolinks text ads.

You can easily get approved by adsense if your blog having some traffic be it more than 70-100 unique visits daily and some quality content available on your blog. Now comes at the point i am telling about the ways of getting banned from google adsense.
Google Adsense Term And Conditions

21 Ways to Get Banned from AdSense

1. Click on your own AdSense ads. ( Don’t Click On Your Own Ads )
2. Ask others to click on your AdSense ads. ( Don’t Ask Anyone to Click on your own ads)
3. Join AdSense click rings. ( Don’t Join Any Adsense Click Ring).
4. Join traffic exchange programs. ( Don’t Join Any Traffic Exchange Program)
5. Create multiple AdSense accounts. (Use Only Single Adsense Account)
6. Tamper with the AdSense code. ( Don’t Edit Adsense Code)
7. Place more than 3 ad units + 3 link units + 2 AdSense search boxes on your site pages. ( Don’t Use More Than 3 + 3 + 2 Ads )
8. Give out all confidential details such as CTR, eCPM etc. ( Don’t Give Your Confidential details to any one )
9. Place images close to AdSense image ads. ( Don’t Place Ads With Images )
10. Place AdSense ads on sites that contain prohibited content. ( Don’t Use Copyrighted and Prohibited Content)
11. Place AdSense ads on pages with no content or under-construction page. ( Place Ads Only on full developed Pages )
12. Launch a new page for clicked ads by default. (Don’t Do this )
13. Place AdSense ads on local language websites and blogs. (Don’t Use Local Language Use Only English)
14. Have excessive advertising and keyword stuffing. (Don’t Do This )
15. Place ads from other contextual ad networks that looks very similar to AdSense ads. (Don’t Do This )
16. Don’t be aware of how your site is promoted. (Don’t Do In Wrong Way)
17. Use pop-ups with ads in it. (Don’t use POP-UPS Ads )
18. Don’t respect Google trademarks. ( respect Google Trademarks)
19. Don’t provide a positive user experience. ( Provide positive user experience )
20. Don’t provide a good environment for advertisers. ( Provide Good Environment for Advertisers)
21. Be unresponsive. ( Respond To All )

The purpose of this article is only to make you know the various rules so that you can avoid getting banned from AdSense. So don’t commit any of the above mistakes. if you have any query let’s see in comments…
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