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How to Get An Average Of 10 Comments for Every Blog Post You Write

Are you struggling to increase your blog comments? We all want more comments to increase blog reputation. Unfortunately most bloggers find it really hard to get more comments.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a new blogger or not, you can still get an average of 10 comments for each post by following few tips that I’m going to share in this post. Let’s dive into the details.

Why blog comments still matter?

Here’s why getting more blog comments is important:
  • Blog comments increase interaction with your readers.
  • You can get blog post ideas.
  • You can build a vibrant community around your blogs.
  • Blog comments act as a strong social proof.

How to get more blog comments for every post

1. Learn to write great blog comments on other blogs

Want more social shares on your blog posts? Share others stuff first.
Want more incoming links? Link out to others frequently.
Want more blog comments? Start leaving comments on others posts.
It’s as simple as that.

If you want to get more blog comments, leave thoughtful comments that grab the attention of others. You might ask, no one has the time to read blog comments section. That’s wrong. People still read others comments to get ideas, to solve problems or just to reply them back.
Here’s how to write great blog comments that get read:
  • When you’re leaving a comment, take time to know the author name and use his name while leaving a comment.
  • Try to be in the first 5 commenters. The more visibility your comment has the more chances of getting a response.
  • Always add value to the post. Ask a question or provide an insight.
  • Start a debate in the comment section. Respond to others comments that are thought-provoking. That way you will be able to grab massive attention.

2. Write interesting headlines that persuade people to leave comments

“8 out 10 people decide whether or not to read your posts just by looking at your headlines.” ~ Brian Clark, Copyblogger media
One of the easiest ways to increase your blog traffic is to write enticing headlines that make your audience click your posts.
Here are few powerful tips to write winning headlines:
  • Go to a store, pick up a magazine and write down the headlines that grab your attention.
  • Tweak them according to your blog audience.
  • Read Headline Hacks by Jon Morrow, use any of the headline samples and start writing.
  • Most people love to read and share list posts. So include a number in your post (Ex: 7 ways to save $1000 every month)
  • How to posts are evergreen (use them to solve a problem)
  • Read popular blogs in your industry and tweak them to your benefit
  • Read completely irrelevant blogs in your niche and tweak their popular headlines according to your blog topic

3. Reward your commenters

Most blog visitors don’t comment on a blog post on their first visit. It’s your job to make them do that. Rewarding your commenters is one of the simplest ways to encourage visitors to leave comments on your blogs. Here are few ways to reward you blog commenters.

Install CommentLuv plugin: This plugin is not only useful to increase your comments count, but it also helps you boost your blog traffic. Most people are now leaving comments on the blogs that have enabled CommentLuv plugin. This is a great plugin to fight against spam. So no more hassle in dealing with spammers, you can also use a premium version of it to get more benefits like showing your commenters twitter links etc.

Use a top commenter widget: If you create a competition between your commenters, they will fight hard to be in top. The blogs that use top commenter widget tend to receive more comments just because of this simple reason. They will not only drive traffic to their blogs by being a top commenter on your blog, but you’ll also be able to get more comments. A win/win approach.
Respond to every comment: The purpose of blog comments is to build an interaction with your readers. If you don’t respond to the comments you get, you are killing the interaction. Spend time to respond to each and every comment you get.

Review their blogs: Go ahead and give an honest feedback about your commenter’s sites. You can do this every week or month and share your views on social media with their permission. This leads more people to start leaving comments on your posts.

Link to your their posts: Whenever you get time, spend some time to read your commenters blogs. If they are relevant to your niche and writing some high quality articles on their blogs, link to their posts. That way you’re grabbing everyone’s attention to leave more comments on your blogs. Similarly you can link to the people who leave thoughtful comments on your blogs (do this whenever you get some post idea and mention them in your posts).

4. Try a different blog posting frequency

If you are posting too frequently (say daily or thrice every week), reduce that posting frequency for a month and see whether you are noticing an increase in your blog comments.
The blogs that post less frequently tend to receive more average comments per post. Here’s why:
  • You’ll get more time to promote your blog posts
  • You’re giving enough breath to each post
  • You’ll be able to write detailed posts over crappy content (detailed posts generally get more comments)
In a nutshell: Getting an average of 10 comments on every post you write is not a rocket science. Spend quality time in crafting mesmerizing headlines, reduce your posting frequency, reward the blog visitors those who leave comments on your posts and start leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs to increase your online reach. Take care of you blog design and speed up your WordPress site loading time to give your visitors a better user experience.

So what are your thoughts on increasing blog comments? Do you have any more tips to increase comments on each post? Please share them in the comment section.
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