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Guest Posting vs Blog Commenting which is best?

As we know that to instant and targeted traffic, there are three most common ways, first is guest posting, second is blog commenting while the third one is social media sharing. But guest posting and blog commenting are different than social media sharing so for a while put the social media to a side and let start discussion on guest posts and blog commenting.

In my previous I will tell you about the benefits for guest posting but here a little difference because we are going to do a comparison between them. Why you do these two ways? Because in this way you build backlinks for your blog which is source of targeted traffic and your blog will get exposure to new audience. But where is difference so let’s read.

Guest Blogging

As you people know that guest blogging is writing of post on other blogs related to your blog niche. Actually when we decide to write a guest post, then we do lot research in finding a unique topic that attract people, collect data about it, read so many articles, then sit alone in a room to and start writing on it with focusing our goal about that post. 

These all efforts need commitment and time to complete a guest post. It also depend on your ability too as some complete it with in an hour while some writers complete it in 2-3 hours while some writers take time more than that. Why so much hard work? Because you need to ensure quality as well uniqueness in your posts for the audience of other blogs. 

This will definitely give you exposure to new readers, your Alexa ranking will improve and more than these that a permanent links from other blog as when you write unique and well optimized post so when your targeted keywords search and your post is on first page, you will get the visitor to your blog and your author rank also increase in this way.

Blog Commenting

Blog is a way in which you share your opinion about a post on other blog and with some time you get links to your  blog in the form on commentluv enable or dofollow. You can call a comment “mini guest post” as you are sharing your views about a topic but in that case it should be above 5-6 lines which clear your opinion. 

In blog commenting, there is no need research except find blogs related to your blog niche, no need to so many articles about a specific topic to write comment, except reading the a blog post on any topic and at its end share your views. But it is also a fact that you need to do it on daily basis like a habit to produce links to your blog and this is so easy everyone can do this. 

If I will give you an hour blog commenting then you can easily do near about 50 comments with links but in that hour you can’t write a guest post easily this is big difference between them.

At the end, I have reach that both are necessary for your blog links and traffic. Both have some edges on each others as blog commenting must be in our daily routine life of blogging work while guest posting is one per week is best strategy to build links for your blog. This is all about guest posting vs blog commenting, now I am waiting for your opinion to rethink that I am right or not in my point of view.
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