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Google Adsense: New Earning Methods

New Earning Methods

Google Adsense has provided many webmasters and bloggers with a genuine opportunity to make money online.
In a nutshell, it’s simply a matter of signing up for a Google Adsense account and then posting some code onto your website or blog which causes Google’s pay-per-click Adword ads to be displayed.

The ads are “contextual”—thanks to Google’s software they reflect the content on the page upon which they are displayed.

So if your website is related to travel, the ads will also relate to travel. If you have a website which provides information on new car sales, the ads will be for car sales, and so on.

With very few exceptions (gambling, adult related content, etc.) Google will serve relevant ads for you regardless of your sites main subject area.
There’s no need to spend time seeking out advertisers and, since the adverts are highly relevant to your main topic area, they should be of interest to your visitors, thereby increasing the number of people who click on them.

And that’s the good bit—whenever someone clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser pays Google a fee.

Google then splits this fee with the webmaster hosting the ads. This, along with similar ads hosted on Google’s search pages, is how Google makes most of its money—it’s big business.
Google Adsense has become one of the best ways for small webmasters to earn online, and an entire industry seems to have grown up around it.

It’s possible to choose from a huge range of e-books detailing how to maximise your Adsense income. Selection of ad types, colour schemes, positioning of ads, good topics and keywords etc. are usually discussed in depth.

It’s also possible to participate in online forums where the main topic of discussion is Google Adsense and the best ways to earn from it.
Software is available for the (largely) automatic generation of special websites whose sole purpose is to earn from Adsense—so called “Adsense sites.”

As good as a lot of the available information is, many webmasters find themselves disappointed by their Adsense income for one simple reason—insufficient traffic to their sites.

Of course, there are many independent references and resources available which deal with the subject of generating traffic to websites—but since many of the best traffic building strategies require time, effort and sometimes money this can put too great a strain on the patience and advertising budget of many online entrepreneurs.

In order to satisfy a growing number of webmasters aspirations to earn Adsense income, a number of relatively new services have sprung up, all of which are based upon a symbiotic relationship. Two of these are detailed below:

Blogging For Adsense Profit This is pretty straightforward—you can now sign up to blogging networks which, in return for content provided by you, will split any Adsense profit 50—50.

So, when your blog post is displayed, 50% of the time it will show Adsense ads associated with your account and 50% of the time it will display ads associated with the blog host’s Adsense account.
In fact, the 50/50 split is based on the number of displays. Due to the way Google Adsense revenue is allocated it’s difficult to arrange a 50/50 split of profits—but over time it should average out to something around 50% each.

Essentially, you provide the content and the blog host provides traffic to your blog. There does tend to be a sense of “community” with this type of arrangement and, once this is established a reasonable level of visitors to your blog posts should be achievable. If you’re a gregarious type of person who does well in a “community” environment then this may be a good option for you.

Two blog networks which provide this service are listed below. Note that these two sites also operate an affiliate scheme (though the links below are not affiliate links) so, in addition to earning from 
Adsense income associated with your own blog postings, you may be able to earn additional income from anyone else you introduce.

Article Writing For Adsense Profit There are many benefits to writing and submitting articles to article banks. You get backlinks to your site which not only improves your search engine ranking but also results in traffic from direct clicks.

You also have a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field as your articles are syndicated and reused around the internet on websites, blogs and in ezines and newsletters.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there are now article banks which, similar to the blogging communities previously mentioned, will split Adsense revenue associated with your articles with you. Again, a 50/50 split seems to be common.
The site below operates this system, at the moment there is no affiliate scheme.

As more and more people seek out Adsense income, the number of sites offering the type of revenue sharing detailed above will continue to grow.

If you are the type of person who is better at producing content than driving traffic, or if this is your preferred method of operating, then sites like these could very well afford you the opportunity to get your slice of the pie.
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