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Google AdSense Labs – How to enable AdSense Labs for a website

Google AdSense Launched a new experimental feature with the name of new Google AdSense labs, This new sub tab is available under the optimization tab in AdSense Dashboard. Where you find great and new experimental features for you website. By using these features you can create a more engaging experience and can increased revenue and time on site. These features also provide feedback for new feature to AdSense team for which AdSense team are working on.
AdSense launch to shown fewer ads and inline ads in labs, And AdSense team clear that not all labs are suitable for every website or blog.

Note that AdSense labs are just experimental features which are not yet ready and not for all publishers. You can try the labs but on your own risk. This may stop working, may change or disappear on you site at any time. So if you are using or enable these features then you can use it only on your own risk.

On thing more that AdSense is not providing any type of guarantee that how much you can make money for a particular lab. However you can switch off these features at any time.

Show fewer ads

This lab helps AdSense publisher significantly cut down the number of ads on his users to see in exchange for a negligible drop in publisher revenue. By reducing the number of ads on site a publisher can improve the user experience and can increase the time users spend on site content.

By enabling this labs you must agree the fallowing
If ads are removed , you ad units will appear blank
This will cost you no more than 1% of you your revenue
Remove at least ten % (10%) of your ads.

Inline ads

Inline ads are another ads size in 320×100 that Google AdSense can automatically place in your mobile site when user scrolls down the page of your site on mobile. By this new ad format you will no longer need to place ad in targeted location. Then AdSense will automatically places these ads on your site. For more info visit the help center.

Note that these ads would only shown with your website RPM is higher than your website expected average RMP. These ads will show for a small subset of your site mobile page views. According AdSense team do not count these ads as “advertisements” when evaluating your site for compliance with AdSense valuable inventory policy.

How To Enable Inline Ads

Inline ads are mobile ads which are belonging to the page-level ads. To implement inline ads your pages. Your website need to have a page-level ads code. If you have already add the page-level ads code then there is no need to add the code just enable adsense labs.

How To Enable Google AdSense labs And add code to a website

To enable Google AdSense labs fallow the below steps
  • Open your Google AdSense account
  • Click on optimization
  • Then click on labs
  • You will find that available labs , just enable labs
  • After enabling the labs click on get code
  • Copy the code and place the code in your below <head> tag.
In my labs only one lab are available yet which is matched content.

Note that By the AdSense Software Engineers new labs will be added, so always check your labs after 2 or 3 days. May be these labs help you to in cress your user experience and earning. So try the new google AdSense labs and if these labs working well for you then this is great for you however if these labs are not working well then switch off by just one click.
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