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Effective ways to Build Blog Reputation

Now day’s the way of blogging has been changed because Google has changed his policy to give rank a website in search. There is a question that why this happen and why Google need to change his policy? There are so many reason but one thing that I have noticed that the increasing trend of blogging among the teenagers actually cause this.

Let me clear this, as you know that there are every kind of people in the world so if there are bad persons in place then can’t say that all those persons are bad because I sure that there some good people there though the are less in numbers but they are and you can find them by a little search. A place where majority of people are good then there some bad people so the only difference of ratio.

The same phenomenon happen in online community and in case of blogging. Some year ago the ratio of bad bloggers was low but with the passage of time, it increases to great amount so due to hard competition some people start using black hat SEO techniques to deceive Google so Google need to reconsidered his criteria to judge a website. And this cause a mass penalization of blogs and Adsense accounts in 2011.

Now the question is that what are ways which are still effective to build blog reputation in the eyes of Google as well as in the eyes your targeted audience. So keeping in mind this question I decided to write this post so let see what are they way which are still effective in building your blog reputation?

Natural Contents

I have read many blogs about this tips that write great contents or killer contents to build your blog reputation or increase your blog traffic but what does my mean to by telling you to write natural contents. You must have in your mind that reader wants the solution so you have to provide it related to your niche otherwise if he/she will reject your blog which is natural thing. 

If your representing a topic a blog title like keyword stuffing and not providing the possible solution to avoid then I can’t say that you are writing naturally. When you have selected a topic then you should provide all info about this and not talk about the other thing that are irrelevant which is irritating for your reader.

Guest Posting

After the change in Google policies, Guest posting become the most suitable way to build natural links for your blog. Guest posting on blogs related to your blog niche is very handy to get targeted traffic on your blog. I have seen a lot of bloggers who are doing it and are getting positive results but there are some tips which are very handy to make your guest more effective then a normal guest post.

Blog Commenting

This is still a handy way to build your blog backlinks continuously by giving comments on dofollow blogs or commentluv enabled blogs. This is very simple method then all other methods because there is no need hard work accept writing  a few lines and then wait for traffic.

Social Media

Social media becomes the most popular and trusted way to build your blog reputation and bring a huge traffic on your blog. As you have that the popular blogs has thousands or million of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, Google Plus etc. Google will not mind of links on social media because who click on a link by his will then why Google mind it.

Web2.0 Sites

Web2.0 sites are important to build backlinks for your blog because the have good reputation in search as well as for Google and this you need to get links for your blog from Google trusted sites. There are number of these kind of sites which can be very handy for your blog by using them effectively.


After doing a long research and reading so many articles I have concluded that there still so many effective ways to build blog reputation but why I have shared just these five ways? Because these are the most trusted ways that’s why I shared them. Now tell me about your opinion. Do you have a trusted way other then these to build blog reputation?
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