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Effective Press Releases - Instant Results

Effective Press Releases


What is Press Release?

It is basically an information make public. Press release can be in written or recorded form of communication aimed at members of the news media for the target of announcing something claimed as having news value. 

There can be many uses for press releases; sometimes they are even used for announcing news conferences. Press releases are usually mailed to the editors of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks. 
Although there are many hundreds of good commercial newswire willing to distribute news releases.

SEO and Press Releases

Analyzing the past trend on several newswire websites, we’ve seen most of the press releases are not so attentive and good enough to be posted on reputed sites. So why all of these people are submitting press releases? Even they know, there press releases can’t touch the top newswire websites.

Well, there is a reason and that is SEO. As a basic rule of thumb in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we all need and are in search of links. 
As we know links are considered as votes therefore the more the links the better the ranking would be. These days’ people tend to submit higher number of press releases regardless of its quality, hoping for more links.

A good way is to write only one decent press release which should highlight every good point. In this case, you would see many links as everybody wants to show your successful press release. 

The second step would be ensuring that you’ve submitted your press releases to many good and free places. You are on your way to success, enjoy!
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