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Credible Linking DOs and DON’Ts

For a visitor, clicking on a new link is like skydiving for the first time – there’s always a little risk. Will they land safely after launching from your article, or will the break their neck on your landing page?

Don’t lose focus on your landing page and don’t lose credibility by driving traffic to a subpar site. Credible Linking is more than making sure your site is up and running.
Evaluate the quality of your landing page by considering the following:
  • Is the landing page relevant to the corresponding article’s content?
  • Is the intention of the URL and the landing page transparent?
  • How easy is the landing page and overall site navigation?
Before you pat yourself on the back for answering yes to the above questions, know that credible linking is more than just meeting the bare-bones guidelines of quality.
Learn how to add value and avoid blunders with the DOs and DON’Ts of credible linking below.


  • Do Share Your Unbiased Opinion – A good product review article links to more information on the product or other similar product reviews objectively, i.e. no personal agenda. This helps your audience greatly in gathering information and builds trust.
  • Do Link to Valuable Pages Both Inside and Outside Your Own Site – Your landing page should add a huge amount of value to the visitor’s experience – each page should offer fresh, unique content. A site made up of a few short pages that just link to one another and contain little real information provides no value, decreases credibility, and causes your visitor to click away from your page.
  • Do Monitor Your Site’s Load Time -Remove elements from your landing page that significantly slow down the time it takes to load and place them elsewhere. A visitor will not sit and wait for 30 seconds while your page loads
  • Do Check Your Site in Various Browsers – Check the appearance of the landing page with the most common browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.


  • Don’t Link to the Same Article on Your Own Site – The reader just finished reading the article, they don’t need to see it again on your site. That would be like if an art museum hung two identical paintings side by side in the gallery. Show the reader you have more to offer. Use your landing page to share NEW information about yourself and your expertise.
  • Don’t Break Any Promises With Your Landing Page – If you promise there’s going to be a free PDF or audio training file downloadable on your website, it should be readily available on your landing page. People aren’t going to stay on your site or sign up for your e-newsletter if they can’t find what they are looking for.
  • Don’t Ask “Are You Sure You Want To Leave This Page” 5 Times – When a reader is ready to leave your landing page, they shouldn’t have to run through a gauntlet of windows popping up to confirm they are sure they want to exit the page. They’ll only get frustrated and turned off by the hoops they have to jump through just to leave your site.
  • Don’t Bury Your Content in Ads – A reader will not wade through banks of advertisements and attempt to find content like a needle in a haystack.
  • Don’t Use Other Brand Names to Prop Up Your Own Brand – Comparing products is okay, but make sure your landing page has content that is specific to that brand. Discussing one brand and then linking to a similar brand is misleading.
Start following these guidelines today to ensure your links provide the best possible user experience for your audience. By doing so, you’ll build trust and credibility, and your readers will always be come back for more.
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