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Blogspot Templates, Design and Monetisation - An Exciting New Section Coming To Blogspot SEO!

I just thought I would drop by quickly before I head back to university and make a quick post regarding a current update I'm in the middle of. I think to be successful with a Blogspot blog you really need to consider on-page and off-page SEO techniques; which is what this blog is about.

By having good on-page and off-page SEO, I can guarantee (with the right keywords and niche) you will have no problems getting to the top of search engine rankings and obtaining that world-wide visibility you deserve. Believe it or not, SEO is just one area of a successful blog.

First impressions count! When someone clicks on your blog, what do you think their initial impressions are? It's these visitors that you're trying to earn some money from; either through subscribing (list building), AdSense or product selling.

Think of your Blogspot blog as a shop; if you walked into a shop and it was messy, cluttered and contained tacky products; would you stay there or walk straight back out? What about if you went on a blog that used a shoddy Blogspot template, had widgets and advertisements all over the place and contained copied or spun content; would you stay or click the 'X' at the top of the page?

By adding a decent Blogspot template and design you're one step closer to earning an online income. In Blogspot SEO, this fact was neglected which is why I have decided to open up an extra section based on Blogspot templates, Blogspot designs and ways you can monetise your blog and convert those visitors to returning visitors and paying customers.

This new section will be implemented in the following week. As with all the other sections, it will start off small but will gradually grow. Subscribe to Blogspot SEO feed via email or check back on the blog daily to find out when 'Blogspot Templates, Design and Monetisation' is open for online viewing!

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