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Blogging Tips – Killer Blog SEO Strategies

Blogging to make money online is not a new topic.
But many people have failed because of not knowing some simple blog SEO tactics that will drive massive traffic.

It means the blog title; Meta description and blog post have to target specific keywords.

Here are some killer strategies.

Tips about the blog title

Choosing a blog title is the first important tactic in blog SEO. It will not only draw the targeted audience, but also influence the search engines to rank highly to your website.
I will pay special attention on how to choose the words through the keyword search.
Firstly, I want everyone who sees my domain to know exactly what it is about.

If you have tried to choose a domain name using the popular keywords, you will find they are not available in most of the time.
 Do not be disappointed at this point, as there are many ways to solve this problem.

Here are just some simple ideas,
For example, if you want ‘weightloss’ that is not available, you can add ‘weightlossblog’.
Add the word ‘now’. The ‘weightlossnow’ sounds a call to action blog.
Add ‘online ‘or ‘onblog’. It makes your blog sounds like an alternative media which is different from the other media.
Just be creative and be unique; there are many blog tile ideas you can play with.

Meta Description

Meta description plays an important role in blog SEO. It is going to be caught by the search engine spider. It should describe what exactly the page all about is.

Meta description tag with keyword phrases should be within 150 – 160 words.
Because anything more than that will cut off in the search result.

Invisible Blog SEO rulesSearching engines usually rank the older websites higher than the new ones. Be patient if your blog is just published.

Narrative is the key for blogging success.
Do not mix up different ideas together in one blog. Blog SEO content must have a focus, and it must be relevant.

Blog post needs to be updated at a regular basis.
Search engines frequently ping sites in their directory for the most recent postings.

This is how the search engine stated updated with their audience, so that you need to stay updated too.
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