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Blogging: Is It Anyone Can Report?

Blogging has opened up the information space to what can be called citizen journalism. It is no longer the reserve of the journalists to reveal or record what is going on in society anyone can shoot a photograph and display it online for all to see or one can write a clever commentary about current events.

The general public now has a forum to voice their views. In fact sites like my space, allows owners to post their views and lifestyle to all. Some use it to let others know what they are doing career wise as is the case with artists but others make their opinions heard.

Most blogs contain text but they can be made up of anything that the imagination of the public can conjure up. Some blogs are about photos only with little writing well may be a little to caption the photos; some blogs are text with lots of illustration and some are purely dedicated to art. Others have videos only.
Bloggers can add new information either from a desk top computer, a laptop or using a mobile device like a phone. Subjects treated in blogs are wide ranging from finance, politics to music and fashion. Most of them will make links to other sites with related information or that are mentioned within in order to clarify certain points.

Information searchers will always consult certain blogs especially the well maintained ones because it provides a feel of what the mood is about a subject in the general public. This aspect about blogs has not escaped political parties worldwide. Most political parties maintain a website and a good number of candidates keep personal blogs that supporters can visit and they can use to drum up support.

Blogging: Is It Anyone Can Report?

Blogs did not always have a so good reputation as they were considered full of gossip and self-praise but a number of blogs have been able to break even news that mainstream media could not touch or missed altogether.

Bloggers do not have to answer to an employer so they feel free to reveal anything especially if is true this has been particularly powerful political.
Blogging has also increased social justice awareness like in the case of war in Iraq where bloggers have been able to bring to the world attention the other side of the war which the main media may not care for or do not have enough time to cover.

Search is the popularity of blogs that some have called for a code of conduct to govern bloggers. Legal issues have and will rise as defamation and libel issues will arise.

Some have lost jobs after making comments on their blogs about their companies or work place and have been sued after making not so politically correct comments about others. It is clear that blogging is going to grow more even though it is already huge.
There search engines dedicated to searching for only blogs
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